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Dallas Muslim Denied Job Over Hijab

An American Muslim woman has been denied a job at a Garland department store after she was told that she cannot wear the hijab on the sales store.

Muslims Fear Backlash After Manhattan Attack

Fear, frustration, and prayers he is not a Muslim are the first emotions Muslims experience after the news about any attack. Manhattan’s Tuesday truck attack was not an exception.

Muslims Condemn Offensive Halloween Customs

A US Muslim civil rights group has condemned the attitude of some Maryland students who dressed in racist Halloween costumes and body-writing, and posted images of the hate-filled attire on social media.

American Group Releases "Muslim Ban" Cure

After the success of its mock-medicine curing Islamophobia, America’s largest civil rights group has released a sugar-free gum specially crafted to “ban bad breath, not Muslims.”

American Muslims Donate Blood for Las Vegas

America’s largest Muslim civil rights group called Monday on members of Muslims nationwide to join Americans of all faiths and backgrounds in donating blood and offering prayers to help the victims of last night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nev.

Google Marginalizes Anti-Islam Search Results

After long campaigning from US Muslim groups, Google has modified its first page results on Islamic terms search, to prevent the spread of misleading information about Islam and hateful anti-Muslim content.

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