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Hijabi Blogger Fights Islamophobia in Burma with Cosmetics

YANGON – Muslims in Burma keep a low profile for fear of intimidation and systematic state terrorism, but Win Lae Phyu Sin, a blogger on beauty care, has gone the other way. “I don’t regret my decision to wear the hijab. Our God opens many ways for me. Hijab is like a key for me. …

Cristiano Ronaldo Urges Support for Rohingya Children

MADRID – Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has called on the world to help Rohingya children living in refugee camps after fleeing death at the hands of Burmese forces late last year. In a Twitter post, the four-time Champions League winner published two pictures: one showing him surrounded by his four children, and the second …

Rohingya Muslims Describe Daily Horror in Burmese Capital

YANGON – Day after day, Rohingya Muslims in Yangon witness vanishing freedoms and opportunities, as well as rising persecution and hatred from their Buddhist neighbors and friends. Fear filled the air in the city, the capital of Burma, after the Burmese military’s operation in Rakhine state in the west of the country in which complete …

Pope Meets Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh

Meeting with Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, Pope Francis sought forgiveness from the persecuted minority after his controversial decision to not directly refer to their plight when he visited their homeland, Burma.

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