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Stop a Bully

How to Stop a Bully?

Bullying is a distinctive pattern of harming and humiliating others, specifically those who are in some way smaller, weaker, younger or in any way more vulnerable than the bully.


My Child Is A Bully, How to Deal with That?

In this counseling answer: “In order to combat his need to bully, try to re-enforce his positive qualities, tell him you love him often, yet teach him about consequences if he does bully. As you mentioned you use time out at home for his bad behaviors at school yet that has not worked, try a …

Do You Have Abusive Parents? Here Are 4 Things You Can Do

Do You Have Abusive Parents? Here Are 4 Things You Can Do

In this counseling answer: “I know, it might feel awkward or scary to talk to someone about your feelings and problems at home/school. However, you can call them from an undisclosed phone number and tell the crisis counselors what is going on. They are unable to know your location or name or anything unless you …

Sensitive Nephew Being Bullied By Elder Brother, Advice

Sensitive Nephew Being Bullied By Elder Brother, Advice

In this counseling answer: “As his father is not very affectionate or involved with the resolution of this, your sister may want to take the children for counseling. I would kindly suggest that insha’Allah she chose a therapist who is family oriented and familiar with the dynamics of bullying.” As salamu alaykum sister, Thank you for writing …

Bullied & Insulted, US Muslim Family Fights Back With Education

CALIFORNIA – It started with a sign pinned to Sana Afzal’s backpack after the US presidential election in 2016 which read, “I like Trump, you’re fired.” At the 16-year-old’s new high school in Gilroy, California, just outside San Jose, “there was an English class assignment involving a Fox News opinion piece that linked Islam to …

Nashville Muslims Urge Anti-Bullying Bill

NASHVILLE – A Muslim group in Nashville, Tennessee, has been reaching out to lawmakers over the past year to present a bill that provides more security to children in schools, and guarantee that no child is bullied because of his faith. “I am here to push you into allocating the funding instead of that and …

Video Fights Hatred Against Immigrants, Muslims

CLEVELAND – In line with their anti-bullying and anti-racism campaign, two American anti-racism centers cooperated to create a three-minute video that fights hatred of Muslims and immigrants in general. “We decided to do hashtag #RethinkAmerican, as opposed to a #RethinkImmigration. These are real kids we work with all year long. They have very, very powerful …

What to Do With Bullying Colleagues?

What to Do With Bullying Colleagues?

In this counseling answer: I would advise you to try to build a good relationship with your co-workers, for example, by bringing them some baked goods to the office leaving them in the staff room or cafeteria.” As-Salamu ‘Alaikum, Thank you for asking this important question. There are a few steps you can take before …

Islam Teaches Peace: "Abid And The Bully."

This is a very important cartoon to show kids how awful bullying is. Abid is being bullied at school. When he listens to a khutbah given by the Imam about Islam teaching peace and how to deal with bullies, he knows what to do.

How to Deal with Bullies?

How to Deal with Bullies?

In this counselling answer: “You are not the one that is accountable for her behaviour. You are only accountable for how you respond to it.” As-Salamu ‘Alaikum sister, Bullying is undoubtedly an unacceptable behaviour and should not be tolerated. Of course, bullying on any level hurts so there is no wonder why you feel distressed …

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