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Brussels Mosque Hosts Christmas Dinner

The main mosque in Molenbeek district of Brussels hosted intercultural Christmas dinner on Sunday, December 18, in a unique gathering attended by hundreds of residents.

Car Runs Over Muslim Woman in Far-right Protest

A shocking video has emerged of a hijabi Muslim woman being run down by a car during a far-right protest in the Brussels district of Molenbee, where Muslims make up two in five of the district’s residents.

Euro Muslims Fear Brussels Backlash

Feeling the heat of anti-Muslim sentiments flared by far-right nationalists, European Muslims fear that Brussels bombing could trigger a new wave of anti-Muslim violence across the continent.

Top Muslim Body Condemns Brussels Attack

Brussels airport attacks that left 26 killed and at least 130 more wounded have been immediately condemned by Al Azhar, Sunni Islam’s most prestigious center of learning, as violating “the tolerant teachings of Islam,” urging international cooperation to confront terrorism.

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