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British Referee Stops Match for Adhan

A British referee has won huge praise from Muslim football fans after he stopped a Saudi Arabia cup match out of respect for the Adhan, the Muslim call to prayers.

Atheist British Girl Praises Her Muslim Foster Parents

A white British young woman who was raised with Muslim foster parents has praised her new family, stressing that despite hateful comments she gets in school, the family has been supportive and bolstered her own identity.

Muslims 'Unlike' Us: British Muslim Reviews BBC Show

Like some hyped up reality TV contestant, Muslims are in-your-face 24/7, whether you like us or not. Admittedly, we most often appear on UK screens via news bulletins; dying in conflict, being attacked by far-right extremists or shoved into a police van with a rug over our heads.

UK Issues Guidance on Helping Fasting Muslim Pupils in Exams

The Association of School and College Leaders has issued guidance for British schools on how best to accommodate pupils who are fasting, offering recommendations to help Muslim students who will be observing the holy month of Ramadan during summer exams.

A Different Childhood

The main obstacles I faced were peer pressure from the West Indian community particularly when it came to hijab. Even though I wasn’t wearing a full hijab the male teachers in my school would pressure me and belittle me in an attempt to take it off.

British Campaigner Honors WWI Muslim Heroes

CAIRO – Aiming to raise awareness about Muslim heroism during the First World War, a British Muslim advisor has launched an initiative to acknowledge the sacrifices and bravery of thousands of Muslim soldiers in the lines of the French and Belgian army during the Great War. “I started thinking about what it would have been like …

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