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UK Muslims Hold Peace Rally after London Attack

UK Muslims: “Terrorists Can Never Win”

Supported by civic multi-faith religious leaders, hundreds of British Muslims turned out in Victoria Square in a peace rally to reject the Westminster attack as anti-Muslims, stressing that far-right extremists do not define the British values they hold.


Insights into Lives of British Muslims (Special)

As world media puts British Muslims in the middle of rigorous and fiery debate over the latest London attack, British Muslims rushed to raise funds to the families of the victims, sharing prayers and hopes for the safety of their country.

British Muslims

What Are the Problems with British Muslim Youth?

I watched the second episode of “Extremely British Muslims” the other day and what can I say? It made me very sad. British Muslim youth seem to have been neglected by the British authorities, media and members of the public as well as members of their own community. They seem to be in a limbo …

Karen Armstrong  giving her speech in the first day of British Islam conference, London 2017.

Capturing the Spirit of British Islam

Meeting the religious author Karen Armstrong was one of those ‘no way’ moments of life. Energized by a great speech which projected a glimpse of her years of spiritual dialogue, reflected in her transition from conservative Catholicism to spiritually liberal, there was an essence of awe across the room as so many of us listened …

Muslims Outnumber Christians in UK Church Schools

Muslims Outnumber Christians in UK Church Schools

Education experts revealed that Muslim students outnumber their Christian counterparts in almost 20 Church of England schools and 15 Roman Catholic schools, with their parents favoring religious education than secular one.

Orphans Find Peace in Prophet’s Mosque

Orphans Find Peace in Prophet’s Mosque

300 Palestinian orphans and fifty disabled children, from refugee camps in Jordan, sponsored by Islamic Help donors, are heading towards Madinah, on the final leg of their trip of a lifetime.


This Is How Muslims Excelled in Charity During 2016

Looking back at 2016, it’s important to stop for a moment and reflect on the challenges as well as the achievements we had as Muslims so that we develop better understanding of the past year and draw brighter picture of the year to come. Part of what Muslims achieved in 2016 is the excellence in …

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