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How to Fight Hate Crimes? British Muslim Answers

LONDON – Hate crime is on the rise. Official statistics released on October 16th from the Home Office show a 17% rise in hate crime offenses with 94,098 incidents recorded. The worrying number has more than doubled since 2012/3. Of these, 76% account for race hate crime, while 9%, that is 8,336, are religious hate …

Leeds Islamic Center Celebrates Inspirational Muslim Women

LEEDS, Yorkshire – The Islamic center in Leeds, in the northern English county of Yorkshire, will be celebrating the untold success stories of inspirational Muslim women who have contributed over many generations to the life of the city. “We have an exhibition that tours all over the country, which highlights Muslim contributions to the NHS …


These 5 British Black Muslims Will Inspire You

According to data from the Muslim Council of Britain, the 2011 Census shows that Muslims form 4.8% of the population of England and Wales (there are approximately 77,000 Muslims in Scotland and 3,800 in Northern Ireland). The Muslim population in England and Wales has increased from 1,546,626 in 2001 to 2,706,066 people in 2011 (1,159,440 or 75% …

This British Mosque is Structured with a Flowering Wooden Lattice

CAMBRIDGE – Inspired by geometric design and landscaping found throughout the Islamic World, a British archtecturing company is erecting a timber-structured mosque in Cambridge, the UK, Arch Paper reported. “The deceased architect David Marks viewed this mosque project as a shift from the preponderance of Ottoman-style mosques found throughout the UK,” a Marks Barfield Architects (MBA) …

Can Muslim Prisoners Join Rehab Programs?

Can Muslim Prisoners Join Rehab Programs?

In Britain, Muslim prisoners refuse to participate in rehabilitation programs that aim at controlling aggressive behavior and overcoming anger, especially with regard to violence and sexual assault crimes.

UK Police Tips to Avoid Hajj Fraud

UK Police Warns Against Hajj Fraud, Offers Advice to Pilgrims

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE – In an official statement on July 9, Nottinghamshire Police has presented some fraud avoidance advices for British Muslim pilgrims who are heading to Makkah for Hajj next August. “Within this pilgrimage mass of humanity are thousands of UK citizens, many of whom will have saved for years in the knowledge that, for them, …

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