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Khadija Saye

Khadija Saye: The British Muslim Artist Who Died in Grenfell Fire

This is the stunning and moving art of Khadija Saye. On the brink of great success, the British artist who was missing in the aftermath of a fire that struck a London residential tower, has been confirmed among the victims of the blaze 🙁 The young photographer’s work is currently on view at the Diaspora Pavilion …

Election Night May-Hem: Muslims Find Hope in Hung Parliament

Adopting the leadership of the Conservative Party as Prime Minister after Brexit, something she campaigned against, Theresa May called for an election, something she said she would not do, in an effort to solidify her ‘Brexit means Brexit’ position, expecting sweeping support to give her a mandate to do as she pleases, which none of us know as she neither outlined her Brexit negotiating position, nor provided a costed budget.

UK Muslim Voters Prepare For Election

As Britain goes to polls on Thursday, June 8, Muslim voters are expected to have a significant impact on results, amid expectations of affecting at least 39 constituencies.

UK Muslims, Christians at Interfaith Iftar as Terrorists Strike London

British Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and atheists were hosted at an Interfaith Iftar organized by St James’s Church in Piccadilly, and The City Circle, a London based initiative which networks professional British Muslims with a number of initiatives, including a weekly ‘spiritual’ talk on Friday nights.

British Muslims Respond To Manchester Arena Attack

As Brits wake up to the devastation and carnage – over 22 murdered, over 50 injured – from an explosion at the Ariana Grande concert held at the Manchester Arena, the second largest event space in Europe, people of all faiths have come together to condemn this meaningless act of terrorism.

UK Muslim Doctors Share Success, Charity in Annual Dinner

The British Muslim Doctors Association, a non-profit volunteer organization that brings doctors, dentists, pharmacists and others in the medical profession together, held their annual dinner at the Copthorne Tara hotel in London on Saturday, May 13.

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