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Just for Brides- to-be

It’s really so stressful and arduous when you find yourself stuck in the middle of disturbing details of preparing for your wedding, while time is counting down. Although you feel so excited and happy, you are also so stressed, can’t stop thinking about all of those endless details that you are supposed to settle during …

This Muslim Bride Wore Zero Makeup at Her Wedding

Tasnim Jara, a Bangladeshi Muslim doctor has become a Facebook celebrity after sharing a photo of her wedding to which she wore zero makeup to prove a powerful point about the way women get pressured by societal beauty standards.

Wedding Mahr In Islam

Wedding Mahr In Islam

Saad Tasleem talks about the Mahr in Islam. Mahr is what the groom gives to the bride when they are about to get married and it is their right. The Mahr is a symbol of respect and honour. The Mahr should be something that should be tangible. There are some conditions. Check them out.

The Nikah Contract: Marriage or Business Proposal?

Many marriages nowadays are actually becoming more like “business deals”, with each side desiring their own benefits and fearing their own future losses, be they monetary or personal in nature, as they head towards finalizing the nikah contract.

How Does a Muslim Get Married?

The husband needs to provide and treat his wife with tenderness and mercy. The wife accordingly brings her husband’s provision into action in the home and treats her husband as well with tenderness and mercy.

Torn Between Two Loves

When Prophet Muhammad received his first revelation, Zainab was already married to a kind and loving husband. His name was Abul-Aas ibn Rabi. Upon learning of her father’s appointment as the last Prophet, Zainab along with her mother Khadijah, and her sisters Ruqayyah…

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