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US Muslim Boxer Wins Right to Compete in Hijab

An American Muslim teenager from Oakdale, Minnesota, will be the first athlete to fight while wearing a hijab in a sanctioned American boxing event after USA Boxing, the sport’s national governing body, decided to lift its ban on the outfit.

UK Boxing Champ's Islamic Garb Confuses Fans

Tyson Fury, a British boxing heavyweight champion raised many questions on whether he has reverted to Islam or not, after changing his name to Riaz Tyson Muhammad on Twitter and updating new profile picture that shows him wearing traditional Muslim dress.

What Muhammad Ali Meant to US Muslims?

A touching video by Quartz during the funeral of the late boxing champ and Muslim figure Muhammad Ali has revealed the special position Ali holds in the hearts of American Muslims, being their ultimate ambassador of the faith.

Ali's Funeral Unites America, Shows True Islam

Fulfilling the champ’s old dream to become an ambassador for Islam in America, the Islamic funeral of Muhammad Ali will be aired worldwide on Thursday, offering a window into the faith.

Muhammad Ali, Legacy of Greatness

Muhammad Ali, Legacy of Greatness

WASHINGTON – Muhammad Ali, the former world heavyweight boxing champion, passed away on Friday at a hospital in the US city of Phoenix, Arizona, and has been mourned by the world as one of the world’s greatest sportsmen. “As a child, the first action figure my parents got me was of Muhammad Ali. For my …

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