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Benefits of Exercise

We often hear of the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In practice, however, we struggle when it comes to joining the gym or eating a healthy meal. As Muslims, we should have a drive and desire to look after the body, as it is a gift and trust given to us by …


Having Healthy Posture Is Islamic

Islam comes from the Arabic root word “salama”. It denotes peace, security, safety as it does submission and surrender to God. To achieve this safety and wellbeing, Shari’ah encourages you to have both good mind and body. Being the complete way of life, Islam stresses the importance of maintaining good health. It considers health as a basic human …

Acupuncture healing

Body's Healing Mechanisms & Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an effective medical treatment used since before the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Some medical practitioners today consider it no better than a good massage. However, others have “modernized” acupuncture to be used with lasers. But, traditional Chinese acupuncture is far more potent and complex than a simple massage or laser technique. The practice …

Human Body

30 Amazing Human Body Facts

{Who perfected everything which He created and began the creation of man from clay. Then He made his posterity out of the extract of a liquid disdained. Then He proportioned him and breathed into him from His [created] soul and made for you hearing and vision and hearts; little are you grateful.  [Surah As-Sajdah 32:7-9]. We hang out …

islamic self help

Islamic Self-Help: Any Concern for Body/Soul Connection?

Short Answer: Yes. Islam recognizes that our choices of what to do with our body directly affect the well-being of our souls, and vice-versa. We were born with pure souls, but our free will allows us to choose to pollute them or not. We must not wait until we are near death to begin reforming our …

Lunar Calendar

Scientific Pros of Lunar Calendar

When Al-Bara’ was asked, “Was the face of the Prophet (as bright) as a sword?” he answered, “No, but (as bright) as a moon” (Bukhari).

Mombasa, Kenya

Chemistry Behind Fasting Endurance

A red bag of grain droops from his sheathed head as light sweat beads gently run down the ageing face of Hamisi bin Omar, a porter in Kenya’s Swahili port city of Mombasa.

What Happens To Your Body When You Fast Ramadan

What Happens To Your Body When You Fast Ramadan?

Do you know what happens to your body when you fast Ramadan? This video has some excellent tips on the foods we should avoid as well as what we should try and eat and drink. There is also an excellent break down on what happens to our bodies when we begin Ramadan fasting! Fascinating!

What Happens To The Soul When It Leaves The Body

What Happens To The Soul When It Leaves The Body

Ustadh Bilal Assad has a beautiful speech of what will happen to our souls when we die. The angels will take the souls up to the heavens and it is greeted by the angels. Once the body has been prepared for burial Allah orders the soul to be taken back to the body so it …

Is Afterlife Real?

Is Afterlife Real?

Most religions and faiths believe in the existence of an afterlife. For some, this is in the form of reincarnation. For others, there is heaven and hell. Is there a way to find scientific evidence that points to the existence of an afterlife? When the physical body dies, how is the afterlife experienced? Is it …

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