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Nichola, A breast cancer survivor

A Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story

On July 3rd 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was in shock and my first reaction was like.. this was going to kill me! I am a young mother, I live away from my family and I have been diagnosed with breast cancer!

Black Muslim

My Experience As a Black British Muslim Woman

Whenever I meet somebody for the first time, I usually know what they are wondering. With a distinctive blend of confusion and inquisitiveness, it is only until that person plucks up the courage to ask the question, that I already know is on their mind, that I am able to satisfy their curiosity. “Where exactly …


Ramadan from a Christian’s Point of View

For the past few months, I’ve been traveling through Pakistan working on a film project. During this time, I’ve also managed to find myself working during Ramadan. As a non-Muslim working during the Holy month, I’ll admit this has been challenging: blood sugars are low, many people frankly go on vacation- either in reality or …


Better Muslims for a Better World

Day in and day out you come across all sorts of people that have diverse backgrounds. Whether it be cultural or religious. You are greeted with unfamiliar faces and places many times. Is there any change however, that you have brought to that specific place or person? Or do you just shrug your shoulders and …


'When I First Found out I Was in Polygamy'

When I first found out I was in polygamy, I really needed someone to talk to besides my husband. I needed to express myself, release what was inside of me, find out if what I was feeling was justified. It didn’t feel right to reveal everything to friends and certainly not relatives who would have …

Youtube Videos Led Me to Islam

I stopped working in the clubs that I was photographing in. and so I had to find something different, a different area. And when I started to wear the Hijab, I noticed some changes.

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