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Birmingham Mosques Open Doors for Free Iftar

BIRMINGHAM – As part of a Faith Associates initiative, mosques and Islamic centers across Birmingham are hosting free Ramadan iftars, inviting people to come along and join them. “This year has seen an unprecedented response from the Muslim community, with over 2,000 iftars organized so far over the holy month of Ramadan,” Shaukat Warraich, Founder, …

Muslim Heroes Helped Birmingham Homeless in 2017

A group of Muslim volunteers helped feed thousands of Birmingham homeless in 2017, as part of their efforts to help their community, which included collecting rubbish and campaigning against speeding.


BBC Video Praises Birmingham Bearded Heroes

A group of Muslim volunteers, who have been cleaning Birmingham’s rubbish-strewn streets, have been branded “bearded heroes” in a new BBC video which praised their volunteerism to help the British community.

100,000 Muslims Mark `Eid in Birmingham Park

BIRMINGHAM – In the largest `Eid celebration in Europe, more than 100,000 Muslims gathered in a single UK park on Sunday in Birmingham, to celebrate the Islamic feast and attend prayer.

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