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Face Cleansing, the Natural Way

Face Cleansing, the Natural Way

While it may be OK once in a while to turn the house into a day spa, that just won’t work everyday. So, if you want a quick and an Oh-So-Natural cleansing routine that won’t break the bank or the environment, try these. Soap Nuts I was told about a soap leaf by my friend, …


Muslim Country Funds Microlaser Breakthrough

ASTANA – The National Laboratory of Astana in the Muslim country of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science partially funded a successful project that discovered the right mix of nanocrystals and light to activate unique laser properties in extremely small spheres. The crew have found a way to convert nanoparticle-coated microscopic beads …

Luzon bush warbler

Birds Die in Paradise

The manner of bird hunting occurs worldwide. Environmentalists speak against this form of bird catching saying many bird species are becoming extinct. For countless years, the peak of Mount Pulag, the second highest in the Philippines standing at 9,609 feet, is heaven to thousands of migratory birds fleeing the freezing temperature of northeast China and …

Estrogen dominance

Estrogen Causing Your Health Problems?

Estrogen dominance occurs when there is too much estrogen in the body of a female or a male. This is caused by several causes which we’ll know now. The rise in the number of cases of breast, prostate and uterine (womb) cancers have made them a hot topic. There is much discussion about the preventative …

Hair Loss

Hair Loss: Solving Riddle

Having nice hair is considered an attribute of being a beautiful person. It’s a huge problem for anyone to experience hair loss. Let’s try to solve that. Whether it’s shedding, thinning, patching or outright baldness, the mere thought of losing hair is enough to send shivers down the spine of any woman. “The impact of …

Vitamin D

Have You Had Your Vitamin D Today?

Vitamin D is important to us. It plays a vital role to our health and the function of our various systems. Yet, many people aren’t getting their requirements. We need vitamins for healthy skin, nails, bones, blood vessels, and much more. They play a vital role to our health and aid in the function of …

Ramadan & Sports Challenge for Muslim Athletes

Ramadan & Sports: Challenge for Muslim Athletes?

Some sports events coincide with the month of Ramadan and Muslim athletes are worried about the possibility of having the games conflict with fasting. In an attempt to address this important issue and find an answer, let me start with the story of Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister. Athletes will probably know this man very well. …

Western Muslim parents

Easing Fasting for Your Kids in Ramadan - Try These Steps

Though fasting till puberty is not obligatory in Islam, many children wish to fast during Ramadan. If you are planning to make your children fast for the first time this Ramadan, you need to follow few tips to make it easy and enjoyable for them.

Credit: Helmholtz Zentrum München

How Fasting Helps Fight Liver Disease?

Scientists have new information on what happens at the molecular level when we go hungry. Through new study, they were able to show that upon deprivation of food a certain protein is produced that adjusts the metabolism in the liver.

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