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Bilal ibn Rabah: Story of Unbreakable Companion

Today we are going to be talking about one of my favorite companions. This is a Companion who is famous sometimes for the wrong reasons. It is Bilal ibn Rabah, the chief of all the people who give adhan, the chief of all of the Mua’dhins. His family Bilal has a very interesting background that …

Islamic Prescription for Racial Discrimination (2/2)

How Islam Fought Racial Discrimination

Part 1 | Part 2 Explaining how Islam approached the racial discrimination issue, Dr. Wael Hamza highlighted in part 1 how Islam changed the prevalent racist beliefs and reformed people’s perception of race. This part focuses on the practical side, showing how Islam brought about an anti-racism environment. Now that the theory are being developed, beliefs …

Bilal - The Story of the Sweet Caller to Islam

Bilal - The Story of the Sweet Caller to Islam

Bilal’s story is proof of what Muhammad always taught: It is not social status or rank or education that makes one person better than another; it is piety. Those close to Allah are truly the best of people.

Bilal: Voice of Islam and Model of Servitude

Bilal: Voice of Islam and Model of Servitude

You have heard the adhan – human voices calling you to the worship of Almighty Allah, in person, online, on your adhan alarm clock and on your computer’s adhan software. You have heard the strong voice of a teenage boy, you have heard the strained voice of a gentle elderly man, and you might have yourself been inspired …

Milwaukee Muslim Film Festival Opens

Wisconsin Muslims opened the 2nd annual Milwaukee Muslim Film Festival on Thursday, March 3, not only as a way to educate people on their religion, but also as a way to discuss current events important to Muslim communities.

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