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Bible Disguised As Quran

A social experiment in The Netherlands took place on the streets where two men took Bible verses to the public and disguised them as Quran.

Does Muhammad Fit the Prophecies Mentioned in the Bible?

If we ask any Christian, what does the Holy Bible say about Muhammad? He will tell you that it says “Nothing”. You may ask why nothing? Does not the Holy Bible speak about the rise of Israel, the rise of communism, and even the beast in the book…

Bible corrupted

Is There Any Proof That The Bible Was Corrupted?

Short Answer: Yes, the original message of the New Testament has been lost through the ages, due to missing, damaged, destroyed, or intentionally changed manuscripts. Wa Alaykum Assalam Dear Brother, Thank you for this question. It comes up very often in one form or another. I will confine my answer to the New Testament. New Testament: Not …

Muhammad Bible

Was Prophet Muhammad Mentioned in the Bible?

Salam Dear Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. It is admirable that you want to know more about Islam and about our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Islam is Not for Unthinking People At the end of time, we will be asked to give an account for how we …

Muslim Prayer Postures Found in the Bible

What is surprising is that even though there are descriptions of prayer in the Bible, Christians and Jews no longer pray the way their own Prophets prayed. The remainder of this article will examine passages from various books of the Bible and compare them to the way Muslims pray.

Why Do Muslims Offer Animal Sacrifice?

Why Do Muslims Offer Animal Sacrifice?

No other rites, if there are any that honor of the sacrifice of Abraham, can match the scale and magnitude of the commemorative symbolic sacrifice done by millions of Muslims the world over on the day of Arafat and on the days to follow.

Christians Ask We Know Our God, Who is Yours?

Christians Ask We Know Our God, Who is Yours?

We’re going to answer a question. The question a Christian asked Muslims: “We know our God, who is yours?” Now I want to say to you very clearly from the beginning, that sort of question “We know our God, who is yours?” there is a temptation that the answer…

Stories of Noah and Lot in the Quran and the Bible

Stories of Noah and Lot in the Quran and the Bible

While Biblical traditions tell us that Noah was a virtuous man, the Quran goes further and says that he was a shining example of righteousness in a time rife with lawlessness and sin. Noah’s narrative in the Bible is remarkably consistent with his story in the Quran with two notable exceptions.

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