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Muslim Prayer Postures Found Bible

Muslim Prayer Postures Found in the Bible

Once we understand the connection between all the Prophets of God it is not surprising to learn that they all prayed in basically the same way. What is surprising is that even though there are descriptions of prayer in the Bible, Christians and Jews no longer pray the way their own Prophets prayed.

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve in the Bible and the Quran

Short Answer: Eve in the Quran is not a seducer or deceiver. God, according to the Quran, punishes no one for another’s faults. Both Adam and Eve committed a sin and then asked God for forgiveness and He forgave them both. So there is no question of a hereditary sin called Original Sin in Islam. _____________________________________ …

Muhammad Bible

Was Prophet Muhammad Mentioned in the Bible?

Short Answer: The Quran is perfectly clear that the coming of Muhammad was foretold in previous scriptures. But we simply do not have those scriptures in their original form to know exactly what the scriptures said. Sometimes, all we can do in trying to understand, is to accept what Allah tells us in the Quran, His …

What Does the Quran Mean to Muslims?

What Does the Quran Mean to Muslims?

For a Muslim, the Quran is the word of God; literal word of God communicated to His last Prophet and Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), through Angel Gabriel. For a Muslim, this is the ultimate source of authority…

Earth's religions

Religion in Humanity’s Timeline

Small groups of hunter-gathers that lack an incest taboo will be plagued by the ills of inbreeding; therefore exogamy in mating will be selected for.

after Jesus

Why Did Prophet Muhammad Come After Jesus?

Short Answer: Mostly because the true message of Jesus was lost with time. Jesus and Muhammad taught the same basic idea: worship God alone, be a good person, be just and generous and helpful and stand on the side of the oppressed. But over time, his message was corrupted by people like Paul. It’s the Paulified …

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