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Is This How the Devil Misleads People?

Is This How the Devil Misleads People?

The Quran comments on this suggestion in chapter twenty-six, verse two-hundred and eleven, as to those who would suggest that the book came from the devil. It points out that it does not quite suit him, does it? Is this how the devil misleads people?…

Where Is Your Paradise?

If Life is a Prison, Where Is Your Paradise?

This world is imperfect. It is not the soul’s true home. It is a testing ground where the body gets sick, disaster strikes, and where we are constantly disappointed. The disbeliever makes an imperfect heaven in this life, refusing to strive for the perfect one.

How To Become A Friend of Allah

How to Become A Friend of Allah?

Wouldn’t you like to be a friend of Allah Almighty? Well the answer is: “Yes indeed we all want to be friends of Allah.” So how to become a friend of Allah is mentioned in the Quran in chapter Yunus. Allah says verses…

Easy Steps for a Sound Heart

Easy Steps for a Sound Heart

How do we begin to rectify our hearts to ensure that they are in a state that is sound? The heart, just like the body, needs nourishment, and while we fuel our bodies with food, the fuel of the heart is knowledge. Thus, one of the first pieces of advice…

When Hardship Afflicts A Believer.

We will all be tried by Allah in our wealth, health and children. The true believer will display patience when afflicted with a hardship. Powerful reminder.

The Guide - God's Special Attribute for Me

Have you ever traveled to another city and gotten lost while driving to a destination? The feelings of fear and anxiety soon overcome your senses as you try to navigate your way to safety. You might pull out a map and try to determine another route to guide you to where you want to go…

Why Are My Supplications Not Answered?

“I am such a tiny spec of God’s creation and He is surely able to respond to my supplications, but He does not! Why? Has He abandoned me? Or does He simply not care?” Does this sound familiar?

3 Levels of Struggle

Beyond the worldly and not just in the worldly sense but in the otherworldly sense. Islam asks us to make a struggle at the level of the individual… I have to fight my nafs, I have to fight Satan, I have to fight my laziness, I have to fight my anger…

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