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Natural Beauty Spa at Home

Natural Beauty Spa at Home

Next to massage, getting a facial is one of the most often purchased day-spa experiences, and once you have experienced a professional deep cleanse, polish, and moisturize, it is easy to see why. However, it is not always possible to find the time or resources required to “outsource” this indulgent a bit of “me-time.” So …

How 'Natural' are Natural Beauty Products?

How 'Natural' are Natural Beauty Products?

Defining Natural “Natural” is probably the most ambiguous term used in cosmetics marketing and is therefore a frequent source of confusion and misunderstanding. Citing gives us the following three definitions: “Growing spontaneously; without being planted or tended by human hand, as vegetation.” Sounds great but that basically only permits us to source raw materials …

Marketing Halal Cosmetics

Marketing Halal Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry is a fickle, fashion driven thing, always looking at the next trend, idea and novelty.  So, what happens when your brand identify is not at all trivial? When it is about who you are?  How you live your life, and the laws and values you hold dear?  What happens when your brand …

Hair Loss

Hair Loss: Solving Riddle

Having nice hair is considered an attribute of being a beautiful person. It’s a huge problem for anyone to experience hair loss. Let’s try to solve that. Whether it’s shedding, thinning, patching or outright baldness, the mere thought of losing hair is enough to send shivers down the spine of any woman. “The impact of …

How To Choose Your Wife

How to Choose Your Wife?

You’re looking at two things: character and deen. If the character is great and good, or equivalent to your slightly higher, and the deen level is equivalent to your slightly higher, then you stand a better chance for your daughter to be in a home where she will be happy. Get them married.

I Want a Wife- Now, Which One to Choose?

I Want a Wife: Now, Which One to Choose?

The beautiful and wealthy wives might lose their beauty and wealth, over time or by accident, so the purpose for which they were married will be gone, and this might make the marriage lose its blessings. The noble woman’s family status might be of temporary benefit only in this world…

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Muslim?

Afraid of the Big Bad Muslim?

The best way that Muslims can reverse the negative imagery is to engage in healthful dialogue within their communities, when the opportunity presents itself, and to denounce all acts of terror made in the name of Islam.

God Loves Beauty in All its Forms

God Loves Beauty in All its Forms

God loves His slaves to beautify their tongues with the truth, to beautify their hearts with sincere devotion, love, repentance and trust in Him, to beautify their faculties with obedience, and to beautify their bodies by showing His blessings upon them in their clothing…


Having Healthy Posture Is Islamic

Islam comes from the Arabic root word “salama”. It denotes peace, security, safety as it does submission and surrender to God. To achieve this safety and wellbeing, Shari’ah encourages you to have both good mind and body. Being the complete way of life, Islam stresses the importance of maintaining good health. It considers health as a basic human …


Is Beauty Skin Deep?

There are crèmes, special soaps, chemical formulas, natural formulas, lotions and gels for the hair, the skin and even the feet. If a person exhibits skin or hair problems that are severe enough they may even get a prescription lotion from their doctor. However, the mass marketing of these cover-up tools may be damaging to …

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