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How 'Natural' are Natural Beauty Products?

How 'Natural' are Natural Beauty Products?

Defining Natural “Natural” is probably the most ambiguous term used in cosmetics marketing and is therefore a frequent source of confusion and misunderstanding. Citing gives us the following three definitions: “Growing spontaneously; without being planted or tended by human hand, as vegetation.” Sounds great but that basically only permits us to source raw materials …

Marketing Halal Cosmetics

Marketing Halal Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry is a fickle, fashion driven thing, always looking at the next trend, idea and novelty.  So, what happens when your brand identify is not at all trivial? When it is about who you are?  How you live your life, and the laws and values you hold dear?  What happens when your brand …


Having Healthy Posture Is Islamic

Islam comes from the Arabic root word “salama”. It denotes peace, security, safety as it does submission and surrender to God. To achieve this safety and wellbeing, Shari’ah encourages you to have both good mind and body. Being the complete way of life, Islam stresses the importance of maintaining good health. It considers health as a basic human …

UK's 5 Most Beautiful Mosques

Mosques are quite essential to our faith. They are our houses of worship. Take a look at the UK’s 5 most beautiful mosques.


Is Beauty Skin Deep?

There are crèmes, special soaps, chemical formulas, natural formulas, lotions and gels for the hair, the skin and even the feet. If a person exhibits skin or hair problems that are severe enough they may even get a prescription lotion from their doctor. However, the mass marketing of these cover-up tools may be damaging to …

virgins heavenly promises

Virgins in Paradise: A Lure for Sex-Obsessed Muslim Men?

Short answer: Allah would never mislead people with empty promises, but Satan does! Allah promises men these sorts of things in Paradise because he understands the desires of men, which are different than those of women. Salam Dear Yassin, Thank you very much for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. First of all, I …

A Dutch Revert's Reflections on His First Hajj

A Dutch Revert's Reflections on His First Hajj

In most of our deeds we follow in the footsteps of the Prophet, peace be upon him, but not for the sa’i. Here, you follow in the footsteps of Hajar, like the Prophet peace be upon him used to do. Hajar and her son Isma’il…

A New You: A 21st Century Guide for New Muslims

There are number of changes you may have to make to your day to day routine but there is no need to make them all in one day. That slate will remain clean so long as you are holding on to your connection to Allah no matter how tenuous you may feel that it is.

Beautify Your Inner Self

Just like we take care of our outward appearance, wear nice clothes, and worry about public tastes in our manner of grooming, we should also take care to beautify our inner selves. Just as we would hate to go out in public in a disheveled state, we should also be aware that the corruption of the inner being is far more odious.

Get to Know Surah Al-Taghabun – With Brother Nouman

Allah knows what you are going through. And Allah is capable of changing your circumstances. And whatever you are going through is happening because Allah is allowing it to happen. When bad things happen to people, they start questioning Allah and say “If He is All-Powerful, how come He is not changing my circumstances?”…

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