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Health Risks Grow for Rohingya in Bangladesh's Camps

Concerns are growing over a possible outbreak of disease in crowded Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. “There is a high risk of a public health event, not just cholera and acute watery diarrhea,” said Naim Talukder of the group Action Against Hunger, who is coordinating the efforts of 31 groups and agencies to manage water, …

Canada’s Envoy Examines Anti-Rohinyga Atrocities

Horrific accounts of sexual assault, aerial bombings, beheading and attacks on children with machetes offered Canada’s special envoy to Burma a first-hand experience of the violence committing against Rohingya Muslims.

Rohingya Muslims Escape Death in Burma

Fleeing death and persecution in their home country, hundreds of fleeing Rohingy Muslim villagers were targeted by Burmese troops, which opened fire with mortar shells and machine guns yesterday.

This Muslim Bride Wore Zero Makeup at Her Wedding

Tasnim Jara, a Bangladeshi Muslim doctor has become a Facebook celebrity after sharing a photo of her wedding to which she wore zero makeup to prove a powerful point about the way women get pressured by societal beauty standards.

Bangladeshi Inventor Creates Eco-friendly A/C

A smart inventor from Bangladesh named Ashis Paul hit two goals with one intelligent achievement in June 2016, according to Paul succeeded in repurposing plastic bottles into a low-cost, easy-to-make, electricity-free air conditioner that can help the South Asian country’s poorest better tolerate the sweltering summer heat, “We are a flood-prone nation, so in rural Bangladesh, …

Oil Zapper

Oil Zapper Magically Restores Denigrated Areas

It took just three days, after a cargo vessel collided with a tanker, for the oil to coat and destroy the beautiful mangrove trees, in some areas of Sundarbans region of the Muslim country Bangladesh.

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