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Scientific Discovery: Islamic Medicine Was Used in Medieval Ireland

CORK CITY, Ireland – A new discovery of a medieval Irish manuscript from the 15th century AD has revealed an enchanting connection between Ireland and the Muslim world, Irish News reported on March 5. “We found that our medieval European doctors in Ireland during the 1400s were exploiting medical knowledge from the Muslim physicians and …

Great Muslim Scholars Avicenna

Great Muslim Scholars: Avicenna

To live in the past and to waste the gifts that Allah (SWT) has given to us all is to not live at all. However, to recall the riches of the past and to learn from them serves as a reminder of what we have achieved and what we can still achieve. Ibn Sina lived …

Scientists Unearth Ibn Sina's 11th Century Discovery

In a paper published by Cornell University in New York, German scientists have uncovered a text written by famous Muslim scientist and philosopher Ibn Sina (or Avicenna), who reported sighting a supernova that occurred in 1006 AD.

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