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You Can't Ask That: Muslims

Australian Muslims were asked about bring shariah law to Australia. They all explain what shariah is and what their opinion is to this question.

Hate Attacks in Australia Doubled in Past Decade

Warning about the sharp increase in hate attacks targeting Muslims and people of color, an Australian Muslim rights advocate has stressed that children should never become the target of racism and abuse.

Muslim’s Street Prayer Catches Eyes in Sydney

A video footage showing a Muslim man praying in a street gutter in front of a packed Sydney beachside pub has gone viral on the internet, seeing the man choosing a small area to avoid being inconvenient to passersby.

Talent Quest Targets Aussie Muslim Youth

Australian young Muslim youth have been invited to join the talent quest organized later this year by the internationally-recognized Sounds of Light Charity Concert (SOL).

Aussie Hijabi Shares Hunting Secrets

An elegant former hijabi stylist and beauty therapist has been breaking stereotypes recently, rising to fame for her successful hunting journeys to the bush.

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