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Here Is Ali Banat's Last Message - Very Powerful

A few days after his shocking death, Ali Banat’s final message, which was recorded privately, has been released by OnePath Network. The message includes his solemn advice to Muslims, as well as reflections on Allah blessings. “Try to have a goal, try to have a plan, try to have a project that you work towards. …

This Is How A Niqabi Woman Responded To Hate

CANBERRA – An Australian niqabi woman has shared how she reacted to hate with love and good character after a woman shouted at her to get out of the country while she was shopping. “She told me how could you ever be allowed in this place with this thing on your face,” the Muslim woman …

Aussie Police Cops Get Islamic Awareness Workshops

CANBERRA – The Australian Federal Police announced organizing a three-day Islamic awareness workshop for its officers as a part of a national push to educate staff about “Islamic culture” and the “history of Islam.” “The program is provided to members where it’s relevant to their role and designed to educate them about Islamic culture and …

Hijabi Muslim Officer Rises Above Hate

VICTORIA – A Muslim officer, in reaction to the hateful comments she has received on an online message granting her state’s “Honor Roll of Women”, has decided not to give in, but rather planned to work more on engagement with the society. “I believe in freedom of speech but there’s a line to draw when it …

You Can't Ask That: Muslims

Australian Muslims were asked about bring shariah law to Australia. They all explain what shariah is and what their opinion is to this question.

Hate Attacks in Australia Doubled in Past Decade

Warning about the sharp increase in hate attacks targeting Muslims and people of color, an Australian Muslim rights advocate has stressed that children should never become the target of racism and abuse.

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