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How to Face the Media's Attacks Against Islam?

How to Face the Media's Attacks Against Islam?

The modern day media battle depicts Islam and Muslims as inherently threatening and issues a challenge to Muslims; how will we rise to the challenge in the age-old struggle between good and evil; truth and ignorance?

US Muslims Stand Up to Guard Jewish Centers After Attacks

After a spate of attacks on synagogues in a number of U.S. states, a group of American Muslims have stood up to guard Jewish places of worship in the United States. In recent months, two Jewish cemeteries were vandalized in Philadelphia and Rochester plus the mass desecration of a historically Jewish cemetery in Missouri. A series …

Canadian Muslims Urged to Report Attacks

OTTAWA – Tackling the soaring anti-Muslim sentiment in Canada, Ottawa police have urged the religious minority to report “all forms of abuses”, in a bid to protect Muslims from being “victimized”. “We’re ensuring that these types of incidents are reported so we have a clear picture of what’s happening and if there is a crime …

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