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Muslim Fishermen Who Saved Lives in Wildfire Granted Greek Citizenship

ATHENS – The Muslim migrants who saved lives during Athens wildfire last July have been granted Greek citizenship in a ceremony attended by the Greek President, BBC reported. “You are now European citizens too, and so you can teach all our partners who don’t realize the values of Europe, to do what they ought to …

Athens’s First Mosque in Final Construction Stages

ATHENS – The Greek capital city is getting ready for the final construction stages of its first mosque in the modern era which is located in Athens’s downtown, Greek City Times reported on September 20. “The obstacles that delayed the completion of the mosque in the past have now been overcome,” Asher Haider, substitute member …

Years On, Athens First Mosque Still A Dream for Muslims

ATHENS – Athens first mosque is still a far-fetched dream for thousands of Greek Muslims, as many attribute such delays to far-right groups’ attempt to keep the status quo in Europe’s only zero-mosque capital. “When you go to practice your religion… if you’re a Muslim, you go to a basement, if you are Christian then …

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