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As a Busy Mother, Fasting Fills Me with Dread!

In this counseling answer: •Fast as many days as you can without dread, and when it becomes difficult, ask Allah (SWT) for His forgiveness, and make the intention to make up for them at another time. •And don’t feel guilty. Wa `Alaikum as-Salaam Dear Sister, SubhanAllah, I am totally impressed with the quality of your …


How Can I Help My Child with Nightmares?

The best age to introduce religious concepts is still controversial amongst the specialists. However, concepts of evil and the hidden should not be introduced early.


When Your Child Finds Ramadan Painful

In this counseling answer: The questioner asks about sending a snack with her child to the school in case he can’t continue fasting. The counselor’s advice is:  Any decision should be based on the child’s physical abilities, age, and whether it is the first year to fast or not. As-Salamu `Alaykum, If your child is not yet …

step sister

My Father Prefers Step Sister Over Me, Help!

In this counseling answer: “It is not your adopted sister’s fault, but rather a bad decision by your father to not disclose her adoption for whatever reason, so please sister, don’t take it out on her. Insha’Allah, Allah SWT will reveal all in a way that does not harm her or others involved.” As-salamu alaykum dear daughter, …


Child Feels Inferior in Ramadan

In this counseling answer: •Build Confidence: Confidence is a child’s best defense against peer pressure. •We need to teach our children that people are different and that it is normal to be different: to think differently, to have different opinions, different judgments on events, etc •Involve your children with other Muslim children on a regular basis …

My Parents Are Not Happy Together, What Can I Do?

My Parents Are Not Happy Together, What Can I Do?

In this counseling answer: • let them know how sad it makes you feel to see them always arguing and unhappy. •You may even suggest marriage counseling to them so that they can sort out their differences with a professional who can guide them. •Perhaps you could find a way to organize a chance for them …

Sleep, child

How Can I Teach My Child to Sleep Alone?

In this counseling answer: •Talk and play on her bed during the day and especially at bedtime. This will give her a chance to understand that it is okay to sleep alone and will make her need to stay in her room. •Try not to let your daughter fall asleep before bedtime. •Try to fulfill …

Biological Father

Should Daughter Know Who is Her Biological Father?

In this counseling answer:  •Allah will not judge you for anything you did before Islam and neither should any living being on this earth do so. •I think you should tell her gradually and be guided by her own questions. Just go very slowly, there is no rush. •When you start telling her, try not to show …

Christian mother

I'm a Christian Mother and My Baby Will Be a Muslim

In this counseling answer: “Raising children Islamically is a difficult mission for Muslim Parents, What about a single Christian mother, the counselor advises the questioner that she has to give her baby his/her father’s last name. And also it would be great to learn more about Islam and read the Quran.  There are many good …

How to Teach Kids Ramadan Isn't Just About Eating

In this counseling answer: •Maybe you can set an example for your children by breaking fast in a more simple manner by not over-eating, for example. •You can set another example by doing the tarawih prayers every night, and by reading the Qur’an, etc. etc. •So arm yourself with knowledge of Islam and the appropriate …

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