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Asiya Followed Moses

Asiya Followed Moses

Asiya is one of the greatest examples in our history. She followed Prophet Moses (PBUH) not her tyrant husband, Pharaoh and she died for that.

The Story of Moses' Foster Mother

The Story of Moses' Foster Mother - Asiya

A great woman who raised a great man despite the difficulties and pressures she faced was Asiya. She is more often remembered as the wife of Pharaoh; however this great lady was also the foster mother of Prophet Moses. Like Mary the mother of Jesus, Asiya…

The Story of Lady Asiya, the Wife of Pharaoh

Asya’s story begins in Egypt where she lived with her husband, Pharaoh — known as the greatest tyrant of all time. After being told by a fortune teller that he would be overtaken by a man from the Children of Israel, Pharaoh ordered all male babies to be executed.

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