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How to Deal with My Arrogant Husband & In-Laws

How to Deal with My Arrogant Husband & In-Laws

In this counseling answer: “Remember, every decision you make will affect your children indirectly or directly. You might as well try to make it work than giving up now. I am not saying that you cannot split with him and continue your life without him. Of course, you can do that, but it is worth another …

How to Know Our Lord

To know Allah is to stand between His Hands, feeling He is what He is and you what you are. You, with your bare reality, are undecorated, without any pretenses. And He, with His Sacred Self, is absolutely perfect, and free from any defect, want, or insufficiency. You, as you really are…

Conversations in Paradise and Hell - 2

It is a truth the scenario that God revealed to us in the Quran, but one that many people did not take seriously. That he, Satan, was a liar. Satan’s promises were never going to be fulfilled, his promises were empty and he himself believed in God…

Cents of a Convert’s Life

Not all great love stories have happy endings. The cultural differences and other highly complex social factors that even now require deep study; were ultimately too much for the two of us to overcome; thus is the will of Allah. After several years of struggle our relationship was no more. It fell victim to cultural bias.

Know Your Lord

In this arrogant age, people are disinterested in heaven, and interested in clinging to earth; trusting the seen world, and deriding the unseen world; showing strong faith in themselves, and too little faith in Allah Who created them for a purpose much higher than that which they have in view or the end towards which they are working.

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