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Please Help Me Getting Over My Fears and Anxiety

In this counseling answer: “If you are found to have anxiety, panic disorder, OCD or any other mental health issue, please sister rest assured you are not alone.Many people worldwide suffer from these mental health issues and are treated successfully most of the time and return to living healthy, happy lives-fear free. But you must …

Why do I Feel Anxious All The Time?

Why do I Feel Anxious All The Time?

In this counseling answer: “I think your worries are a result of being emotionally hurt given the negativity you face and the abusive environment you live in. The only way to overcome the constant fear and worry of the future and anything is to realize that is not in your control. What is in your control are …

How to Overcome My Fear of Dogs

How to Overcome My Fear of Dogs

In this counseling answer: “Usually, fear develops when we have been a victim of a scary situation with the object causing us fear. Or if we have seen someone being the victim in the past. Or if we have been told during our childhood to keep away from the object causing us fear. To eliminate …

Can Real Muslim Be Depressed?

On Depression: Can a Real Muslim Be Depressed?

God promises to light our darkness and intends to straighten the paths that have become crooked. When we are depressed, we are blinded by misery and hopelessness. God plans to heal our blindness. While we may feel weak during our times of depressions it takes a strong person to admit we need help.

Anxiety, Panic & Guilt of Masturbation

Anxiety, Panic & Guilt of Masturbation

In this counseling answer: ” If you are seeking a possible permanent change, then CBT may be effective for stopping masturbation. ” As Salamu ‘Alaykum brother, Thank for writing to us with your most important question. Anxiety and panic disorders are most uncomfortable and at times frightening as I am sure you know. I applaud your ability …

I'm Too Sad & Worried about Non-Muslims

Why Do Some Disbelieve in God? I Feel So Sad

In this counseling answer: “While as Muslims we can teach others about Islam and Allah (swt), it is only Allah (swt) who guides whom He wills. By excessively worrying about this, sister, you are in essence trying to take control over what is Allah’s (swt).” As-Salamu ‘Alaykum dear sister, Thank you for writing to us …

4 Steps for Overcoming Anxiety

Our fear is often worse than the things we are afraid of. Sometimes we fear some crisis occurring and that fear becomes a crisis in itself. Our fear of sickness may actually be the worst sickness to afflict us.

My Child Cries at Preschool Every Day!

In this counseling answer: “For some children, it helps that the parent stays close by for an extended period of time, to begin with. So, for example, it may be that for a few days you go in together and you stay with him the whole time so that he gets the chance to feel …

Afraid of the Future? 4 Ways to Combat Anxiety

Afraid of the Future? 4 Ways to Combat Anxiety

Anxiety is being afraid to face things which might happen. It’s being afraid to face our futures and the consequences of our actions. And it’s not just a psychological state. It affects our bodies in the following ways…

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