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How Do We Value Black Muslim Youth?

What can young Black American Muslims do in order to build identities that speak to their unique experiences and values all while learning and growing in their Islamic faith?

Prophet Muhammad’s Example of Anti-Racism

Prophet Muhammad’s Example of Anti-Racism

Prophet Muhammad’s anti-racist views are seen in his friendship with Bilal ibn Rabah, a black slave who rose to a leading position within the Muslim community of 7th century Arabia. One story relates how Muhammad defended Bilal after…


Was Prophet Muhammad Racist?

Short Answer: Since the Prophet (PBUH) was always in support of human rights and since the very first day of his mission as a prophet, he launched a war against discrimination of all types and on all levels. When the Prophet (PBUH) was instructed to go out and deliver the message, he was told that one of …

This Man Is Erasing Hate & Racism from the Streets of Montreal

This Man Is Erasing Hate & Racism from the Streets of Montreal

One day Corey Fleischer drove past hateful graffiti in Montreal on his way to work. 90 minutes later, he was compelled to return to erase it. He hasn’t stopped since, and inspires people to erase hate throughout Canada. He started off with a power washer and some soap to erase hate speech graffiti around the city. Afterwards, he launched …

Su’ad Abdul Khabeer: Female Muslim Arrowhead of Destroying Racism

“When people talk about what it means to be black in the US, they don’t talk about the Muslim experience,” says Su’ad Abdul Khabeer, a scholar, artist, and activist. “And when they talk about the Muslim experience in the United States, they don’t talk about African-Americans. Black Muslims aren’t part of the popular imagination,” she …

In Islam.. Which Lives Matter?

In Islam.. Whose Lives Matter?

I was shocked by the incidents of the past few days in the United States, just like everyone. Questions are being posed on what could be the reasons behind such high frequency of fatal shootings, resulting in bloody scenes of common rage and confrontation. Why this long list of lives lost at the hands of …

American Muslims Unite Against Racism

Aboutislam spoke to sister Margari Hill, co-founder of the Muslim Against Racism Collaborative (MuslimARC) about the efforts and activities done by the organization to counter racism within the American Muslim community. Aboutislam:  Who are the people behind Muslim ARC? Hill: am one of the two co-founders, including Namira Islam our Executive Director. The original steering …

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