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Smuggled Animals Around the World

From a king cobra in a chip container to cockatoos in water bottles and fish under a dress, some of the exotic animals that are illegally trafficked around the world.

Prophet Muhammad - The Defender of Animal Rights

Prophet Muhammad - The Defender of Animal Rights

Prophet Muhammad used to prohibit injustice and oppression to animals and was much concerned with this matter. Once he entered a garden belonging to a man from the Ansar. There he found a camel, and when it saw him, it moaned and its eyes shed tears…

6 Things I Learned From My Cats

6 Amazing Things I Learned From My Cats

From ants we can learn industry and discipline. From turtles we can learn that slow and steady wins the race! Similarly, I have learned some really amazing and helpful characteristics from my cats. Here they go…

3 Things Will Make You Enjoy the Outdoors

3 Things Will Make You Enjoy the Outdoors

We live in our little bubble of working to live and living to work, that we lose the opportunity to achieve tranquillity and experience the other creations of Allah in a positive manner. How can we change the way we look at the outdoors? Should we be thinking in a certain way?

Think Rationally

Do Animals Think Rationally As Well?

{Then Allah sent a crow searching in the ground to show him how to hide the disgrace of his brother. He said, “O woe to me! Have I failed to be like this crow and hide the body of my brother?” And he became of the regretful.} [Surat Al-Ma’idah 5:31]. Previous research has shown that …

predatory carnivores

Why Did God Create Predatory Carnivores?

Short Answer: Animals are devoid of an understanding of good and evil. God created a perfect ecosystem wherein all life depends on all other life to exist in an overall symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship. Predatory carnivores must eat other animals in order to survive, and aside from Man, most predatory carnivores are also prey for another …

animals heaven

Do Animals Go to Heaven? Does Islam Protect Them?

Salam Dear Sister, Thank you very much for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Thank you also for your care about animals and their fate. Islam Demands Kindness to Animals Let’s agree first that you should not break down because of what happen to animals and their sufferings. Rather, you should work hard to …

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