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My Mum's Behaviour Troubles Our Family

In this counseling answer: •Continue praying for her, that Allah will guide her aright and stop her from causing such difficulties. •Try inviting her to watch Islamic lectures, read Quran, or take an Islamic studies course together so that you can support her in being closer to Allah and reach this end goal in a …

'Angry' Parents Always Cursing Me, Help!

'Angry' Parents Always Cursing Me, Help!

In this counseling answer: •When they start to say negative things-you leave the room/area. Make duaa to Allah for comfort as well as ask Allah to wake up your parent’s hearts as to the damage they are doing. •Fill your mind with positive, upbuilding images of yourself as well as visualize good words such as “I am …

Control Anger, Anger, Mother

I Want to Control My Anger with Children, Help!

In this counseling answer: •Seeking refuge from Shaytaan and remembering Allah always can help curb anger. •Identifying what makes you angry and minimizing contact with your trigger. •Practicing various anger management strategies and identifying what works best for you. •Find calmer activities like painting or going for a walk . As-salamu Alaikum, Alhamdulilah there are many solutions …

Feeling My Mother Unhappy for Having us

Mother Is Always Unhappy with Us

In this counseling answer: •I do recommend family therapy insha’Allah if she is willing.  This is something you may want to discuss with you dad insha’Allah. •Please do continue to utilize patience and honor her despite her saying and doing hurtful things.  If she says something strange (like you stole from her) let it pass and recognize …

My Mom Doesn't Love Me, Help!

My Mom Doesn't Love Me, Help!

In this counseling answer: “Sister, your mom does love you-very much.  She is just trying to keep you close the only way she knows how-which was probably taught to her by her mom. Her mom maybe treated her, as she treats you. She does not hate you, she just wants you to be the best you can …

Always Screaming at My Hyperactive Son

Always Screaming at My Hyperactive Son

In this counseling answer: •Try to reestablish a better relationship with him. Instead of screaming, yelling and getting physical, try a more calm approach. •Try to spend more quality time with him alone insha’Allah  (if you can). Take him to one of his favorite movies or dinner spots and just the two of you enjoy each …

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