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Why Can’t I Marry Whom I Want?

Why Can’t I Marry Whom I Want?

When Muslim youth of different cultural backgrounds become attracted to each other, there are typically at least two reactions from others.

California’s 1st Muslim Judge Speaks on Faith & Public Service

CALIFORNIA – The year 2018 concluded with California marking a historic milestone when it got its first Muslim judge amid a time of rising Islamophobia across North America, PBS reports. The American Muslim Judge Halim Dhanidina was elevated to the state of California’s Courts of Appeal, making him the Pacific state’s most senior judge of …

Amazon Muslim Workers Demand Better Conditions

SHAKOPEE – A group of Amazon Muslim Somali refugee workers in Minnesota demanded better working conditions during their protest on December 14 outside one of the retailer’s warehouses, The Independent reported on December 16. “East African immigrants make up a majority of the workforce at the massive warehouse but go unheard. We don’t have rights …

US Student Says She Was Expelled for Wearing Hijab

“It was pretty intimidating to have to choose the career I’m trying to pursue and do for the rest of my life versus the religion that I’m following,” the student said. TENNESSEE – An American students of Georgia Career Institute said she has been expelled after starting to wear  hijab, Huffington Post reported. “The hostility …

Brooklynn Muslims

'Muslims in Brooklyn': New Oral History Project at Historical Society

Muslim residents of Brooklyn have spoken — and you can hear their words starting on Dec. 6 “Muslims in Brooklyn” features interviews with 50 Muslims who discuss their lives in the borough. NEW YORK – The Brooklyn Historical Society in the USA will launch its newest oral history project ‘Muslims in Brooklyn’ on December 6 …

African Muslims

6 African Muslims Who Brought Islam to America

As a Muslim of West African origin living in the United States, my Muslim-ness is always contested by Europeans, Americans, and even clueless Africans. They ask me questions like: “Are you Muslim?” and “Were you born Muslim?” I get asked these questions a lot by Americans because Islam is something that was made to sound foreign to …


What American Muslims Think of Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving Day be sure to pass the halal turkey and top the sweet potato casserole with pork-free marshmallows because Muslims from all across the 50 states will be sitting down to a meal on Thursday during this most American of holidays. “Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays,” said Shauna Merbouhi, who …

Here's What You Need to Know about America's Islamic Heritage

WASHINGTON, DC — Amir Muhammad, the founder and chief curator of America’s Islamic Heritage Museum, has dedicated his life to shed light on the rarely told story about the long history of American Muslims stretching back centuries. “American Muslims haven’t been great at explaining our side, at engaging with folks — you know? Not too …

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