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Here's What You Need to Know about America's Islamic Heritage

WASHINGTON, DC — Amir Muhammad, the founder and chief curator of America’s Islamic Heritage Museum, has dedicated his life to shed light on the rarely told story about the long history of American Muslims stretching back centuries. “American Muslims haven’t been great at explaining our side, at engaging with folks — you know? Not too …

Growing Up Muslim In America: 'Jinn' Film Explores Black Muslim Identity

Should I wear my hijab during dance routines? What are the rules of dating? What about my love of pepperoni? These are questions Summer Jennings, a carefree Black teenager, starts asking herself after her mother converts to Islam in Jinn  feature film WASHINGTON, DC – Inspired by an African American writer and director’s  own upbringing …

Muslim Slaves- America’s First Muslims

Muslim Slaves: America’s First Muslims

With the approach of Black History month, rising Islamophobia, and the portrayal of Islam as a religion that is foreign to America, it is important for us to look back at the history of Muslims in this country.

15 Facts About American Muslims

15 Facts About American Muslims

There are about 7 millions Muslims living in the USA and Islam came to the US before Christopher Columbus did! Check out these 15 facts about American Muslims.

Muslim prayer

A Muslim Prayer & "Trick or Treat"

As I recited the Qur’an in the second unit of my evening prayers, the door bell rang. I could hear the children giggling outside my front door and a woman shushing them to be quiet.

New Book Highlights Contributions of US Muslims

The new book profiles 50 highly accomplished American Muslims  NEW YORK – A new book detailing the contributions of Muslims to many important spheres of American life will be released on October 31, highlighting their achievements in business, science, health, sports, entertainment, and public service. “I, Too, Am America offers a snapshot of the collective …

Iman -Z

This American Filmmaker Is Breaking Stereotypes Everywhere

This is Iman Zawahry, a hijabi Muslim American filmmaker. Not only is Iman an outspoken filmmaker, she is also a college professor, zumba instructor, full-time mom, wife, and daughter, who tries to break down all the stereotypes a xenophobic person would have to say about her. Between correcting papers for her Islam, Media and Pop Culture …

Answers to Questions American Muslims Are Commonly Asked

9 Commonly Asked Questions to American Muslims

Where Are You From? Many of us are from your home state. When I get this question in Long Island, I say New Jersey. My friend gets this question in Michigan and she says New York. We are all met with the follow-up, where are you really from? While many…

Springfield Mosques Team up to Alleviate Hunger

In an effort to alleviate hunger and fulfill nutrition needs, two mosques have joined hands to open a food pantry in the U.S. city of Springfield. “Springfield has a large percentage of people who need this assistance,” Imam Mustafaa Islam of Masjid An-Nur told Springfield News-Sun newspaper. “I work in social services and see this …

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