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Muslim prayer

A Muslim Prayer & "Trick or Treat"

Read this adorable story that brother Shibli Zaman shared on his facebook account about Halloween night ,October 2016.   As I recited the Qur’an in the second unit of my evening prayers, the door bell rang. I could hear the children giggling outside my front door and a woman shushing them to be quiet. I …


Beware of the Convert Zone – What Not to Say to a Convert

Recently, I was at a local park with my daughters, attempting to follow their exuberant patterns as they capered joyfully from swing to slide to monkey bars. After several minutes, I became aware of an elderly couple nearby.   Apparently they were observing me and my children with interest. The man had a long, bushy grey …


Religious Beliefs Shape Healthcare Attitudes

Beliefs shape attitudes toward health, influencing how people utilize healthcare services. For Muslims living in Islamic countries, this can lead to a straightforward approach toward healthcare due to shared beliefs between practitioners and patients. But for Muslims living in non-Muslim countries, healthcare can prove to be a much greater challenge. This is commonly due to …

Being a Muslimah Convert in the West

Being a Muslim woman in the West at this moment in time is such a strange, dangerous, and amazing thing. On one hand, we have so many freedoms and opportunities to spread out in our spirituality and practice our faith. But on the other hand, we feel fettered by societal norms that contradict our Islam, …

American Islam

An American Islam?

Recently, I came across an article written by Reza Aslan on Foreign Policy, entitled, “There Is No Divide Between Islam and American Culture”. In fact an American woman, who recently converted to Islam shared it with me. It seemed to be a lifeline to her as a new Muslim. Even a beacon of hope for …


Why American Muslim Couples Opt For Divorce?

A stark reality is nibbling away at Muslim communities living in America. A veracity that shakes the foundation of not only a family but the society as a whole, which is known as divorce. According to Dr. Ilyas Ba-Yunus a sociologist based in New York, “the divorce rate of Muslims living in America in the …


Story of One of the First Muslims in DC

For most Muslims, what happens to the body of a deceased person is not quite as important as what happens to that person’s soul. Still, historians of all backgrounds are scrambling to locate the body and belongings of a Muslim buried in Washington, DC nearly 200 years ago, for it touches the soul of early …

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