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Muslim Contributions

Recognizing US Muslim Contributions to Science

A very special event has taken place last week in Washington DC that showcased modern Muslim contributions to science. Michael Jackman of has reported on November 15. If you know history, it’s no surprise that Muslim contributions to science are important and far-reaching. At that time, Europe was under its superstitious dark ages. On the other …

American Opens Graduate School for Muslim Scholars

An Arizona Muslim scholar has started a new graduate school for Islamic studies in the United States to educate the next generation of Muslim scholars and religious leaders who can serve their communities in same spirit of pluralism in which they were raised.

I Will Wear Hijab or Remove it for Allah Alone

I Will Wear Hijab or Remove it for Allah Alone

Should I stop wearing hijab? If it means my children and I are unsafe, should I stop wearing it? How unsafe am I really? Today it’s bad names, but tomorrow it may be threats, and then it may be physical violence…

Malcolm X’s Strong Message from Makkah to America

Malcolm X’s Strong Message from Makkah to America

America needs to understand Islam, because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem. Throughout my travels in the Muslim world, I have met, talked to, and even eaten with people who in America would have been considered white…

Trump's America: Nazis in Charlottesville

LONDON – Waking up to another day in Trump’s America, where as a break from the President’s sabre rattling with North Korea, something else I never thought to see in our age, a white supremacist march with fire-lit torches, chanting Nazi slogans, taking place, no less, on a university campus; otherwise the home to education, …

My Best Ramadan Memories in America 1

My Best Ramadan Memories in America

I converted in Ramadan and I was determined to start my life as a Muslim as best as I could. I was excited for the challenge of fasting. As a Catholic during lent, I had abstained from snacks and only ate a small lunch during the day…

I Hated Muslims - This is why I Became One

I Hated Muslims - This is why I Became One

I hated Muslims, I thought all Muslims should die, and anyone who even resembled Muslims, in my mind, that they shouldn’t exist, they should go back to their countries… the common American idea of what Islam is, but that was my own ignorance and following the media.

Who Are US Muslims? (Video)

A new video showing statistics about American Muslims, their activism, and numbers was released by Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU) late last month.

Little White Lies - A Sin?

Have you ever lied to someone to impress others or make someone laugh? April Fool’s Day, for example, is an entire 24-hour period in America that is devoted to deception. Other lies that are meant to entertain might include telling someone that they’ve won a prize…

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