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American Muslim Film Added to Amazon Prime

NEW YORK – Known for her Muslim-centered novels and short stories, author Umm Zakiyyah has hit a new breakthrough after the film adaptation of her best-selling novel, His Other Wife, was recently added to Amazon Prime. In addition to books through the company’s Kindle e-book service, Amazon Prime subscribers have access to music and movies. …

Amazon Removes 'Offensive' Products with Islamic Text

WASHINGTON, DC – A local American Muslim Islamic group has welcomed a decision from retailer Amazon to remove numerous doormats, bath mats, and other items imprinted with Islamic calligraphy, NY Post reported. “We thank Amazon for its swift action on this issue and hope it sends a message to manufacturers of such inappropriate and offensive …

Amazon Muslim Workers Demand Better Conditions

SHAKOPEE – A group of Amazon Muslim Somali refugee workers in Minnesota demanded better working conditions during their protest on December 14 outside one of the retailer’s warehouses, The Independent reported on December 16. “East African immigrants make up a majority of the workforce at the massive warehouse but go unheard. We don’t have rights …

In 2016, How US Brands Promoted Muslim Inclusion

Amidst a traumatic year for Muslims, a slew of major American brands prominently featured everyday Muslim men, women and children in their marketing in 2016, in a move viewed as bold and even risky.

Amazon Ad Features Imam for First Time in US

LONDON – A heartwarming Amazon online retailer advertisement has featured a Muslim imam for the first time in the United States, pushing a message of inter-faith friendship at a divisive time in the UK and the US.

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