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AboutIslam Talks to Afghan Boy Supporting Family of Nine

Young Afghan boy Manzur Khan is one of millions of orphans living in the war-riddled country, but his resilience towards the difficult life, and the empathy towards his eight younger brothers, sisters and a mother that he supports make him special.

US Bans All-Girl Afghan Robotic Team

An all-girl high school team from Afghanistan who wanted to escort their robot to Washington DC for an international robotics challenge has been denied visa to the US, breaking the heart of the girls and wasting a life-time chance for them.

Afghan Inventor Designs Mine Detonator

Afghan Inventor Designs Mine Detonator

Afghan inventor Massoud Hassani has designed a wind-powered ball for clearing minefields. Now in the Netherlands, Hassani grew up in Afghanistan, where he and his brother often made their own wind-powered toys. The detonator, called Mine Kafon, is designed in the shape of a ball, made of an iron casing core surrounded by dozens of …

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