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3 Questions About the Night Journey

3 Questions About the Night Journey

The last days of the Makkah phase in the Prophet’s life were noted for alternate fortunes. However, glimpses of propitious lights were looming on the distant horizon, ultimately materialized in the event of the Prophet’s Night Journey (Al-Israa’) to Jerusalem and then Ascension (Al-Mi`raj) through the spheres of the heavens. When did the Night Journey …

The Night Journey - Why Started from Al-Aqsa Mosque?

The Night Journey - Why Started from Al-Aqsa Mosque?

The fact that this momentous occasion took place in Jerusalem is also of significance. This is the land of the Prophets of God; this is the land of Abraham, Isaac, Moses and Jesus. God was forging a link between His sacred House in Makkah and Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem.

The Prophet's Night Journey - How it First Started?

The Prophet's Night Journey - How it First Started?

After this extremely difficult year, Prophet Muhammad felt his relief in the form of a major blessing, the Night Journey and Ascension. Even though it was dangerous and he risked attack by the Pagans of Makkah, Prophet Muhammad often spent the night in prayer at the sacred masjid in Makkah.

Jerusalem Was Recaptured 830 Years Ago

During the Crusades, Muslims were slaughtered in their thousands; but when Salahuddin recaptured Jerusalem 830 years ago, he refused to take vengeance on Christians and protected them instead.

Arabs of Israel

Who Are the Arab Citizens of Israel?

Did you know that one in five of Israel’s citizens are Palestinian? Israel refers to them as “Israeli Arabs”. They are citizens whose cultural and linguistic heritage or ethnic identity is Arab. Many of them identify themselves as Palestinian citizens of Israel. The story began when Israel’s founding fathers removed by force the native Palestinian Arab population living where …

US Muslims: UN Veto on Al-Quds Isolates America

WASHINGTON, DC – A leading American Muslim civil rights group has condemned the US decision to veto a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for US President Donald Trump’s declaration of Al-Quds (Occupied Jerusalem) as the capital of Israel to be withdrawn. “By ordering the veto of this mild and balanced resolution, the Trump administration …

jerusalem important

Why Is Jerusalem So Important for Muslims?

Short Answer: Because it’s the third most important place of worship for Muslims, after Makkah and Madina. Allah brought Prophet Muhammad to Jerusalem in his Night Journey, where he led the other Prophets in prayer, signifying that Islam is the final revelation after many before it. But also because the United Nations ruled that Jerusalem should …


Photos of Old Palestine Prove the True Identity of the Promised Land

In August 2014, World Observer Online published a collection of old images under the title: “31 Unbelievable Photographs Israel Doesn’t Want You to See!” They were images of Palestinians being all Palestinian, doing Palestinian things and wearing Palestinian traditional clothing in a ‘land that was once theirs. The details you’ll find in each image speaks chapters about …

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