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How Did Trump Unite US Muslims & Jews?

Uniting with Muslims against bigotry, Jewish director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has vowed to register as a Muslim if Donald Trump establishes a database of Muslims in America.

Christian, Jewish Leaders to Join Muslims in ​Friday Prayers in Washington

In the aftermath of the election and in response to the rising hate crimes in the US against Muslims, national Christian and Jewish leaders will join their Muslim colleagues at Masjid Muhammad (1519 4th Street NW, Washington DC) on Friday, November 18, 2016 for the daily Muslim prayer service. Before prayers, the national faith leaders will …

Divisive Election Unites Florida Muslim, Jewish Women

Every year, Muslim women from Bay County Islamic Society gather to prepare food bags to the needy. However, this year’s event witnessed a unique combination of Muslim and Jewish women who decided to work together and give example of unity.

Chicago Faiths Support Muslim Neighbors

More than 100 people of different faiths gathered on Saturday, November 12, to denounce rising Islamophobia in America, sending a powerful message of unity against anti-Muslim hate crimes spurred by the election season.

US Muslim Groups Join Nationwide Call for Unity

Leading Muslim rights groups joined a nationwide coalition of interfaith and civic groups call asking Americans of all faith, racial and political backgrounds to commit to working with each other post-elections to build a more united country.

Pro-Trump Teacher Assaults Refugee Student

An Arizona teacher has allegedly told a Muslim refugee student that she is excited for his deportation from the United State if Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was elected next week.

Senate Runner Faces Hate Over “Muslim-sounding” Name

An American Muslim civil rights group has condemned a campaign flyer targeting US Senate Maggie Hassan over her Muslim-sounding name, saying it falsely associates Muslims with violence and spreads hatred in the community.

Trump Gives US Muslim Children Nightmares

A tense election season, which puts Islam into political debates, is giving American Muslim children nightmares showing Donald Trump as a president who would kick them out of their country.

Trump Supporters Rage Anti-Muslim, Jewish Hate on Twitter

The season’s heated political inflammatory rhetoric involving Muslims and immigrants is having its toll on social media websites, and twitter on its top, where Donald Trump supporters have added to a massive rise in Islamophobic and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Kansas Holds Love Rally to Support Muslims

Responding to Muslims cry for support, residents of a Kansas city held a love rally last week to show support to their Muslim neighbors who were fearful after a foiled bomb plot targeted them.

Muslim Doctors Prove America is Already Great

In the mid of rising Islamophobia, MicMedia shared a video on Saturday, October 22, on their Facebook page showing American Muslim doctors making their country great and proud of them.

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