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Three Muslim Doctors Named Chicagoans of the Year

Three Muslim doctors were named Chicagoans of the year in Chicago magazine’s December issue as part of inspirational stories, after they dared a deadly war in Syria to support people of Aleppo.

Democrats Want Muslim Congressman New Chairman

Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, is backed by Democratic Party’s heavy weight figures to become the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Christian, Jewish Leaders to Join Muslims in ​Friday Prayers in Washington

In the aftermath of the election and in response to the rising hate crimes in the US against Muslims, national Christian and Jewish leaders will join their Muslim colleagues at Masjid Muhammad (1519 4th Street NW, Washington DC) on Friday, November 18, 2016 for the daily Muslim prayer service. Before prayers, the national faith leaders will …

Divisive Election Unites Florida Muslim, Jewish Women

Every year, Muslim women from Bay County Islamic Society gather to prepare food bags to the needy. However, this year’s event witnessed a unique combination of Muslim and Jewish women who decided to work together and give example of unity.

Chicago Faiths Support Muslim Neighbors

More than 100 people of different faiths gathered on Saturday, November 12, to denounce rising Islamophobia in America, sending a powerful message of unity against anti-Muslim hate crimes spurred by the election season.

In Trump’s America, Hate, Fear Dominate Campuses
US Muslim Imams: High Morale Despite Shock

TEXAS – The surprising election of Donald Trump as America’s 45th president is having its negative impact in campuses nationwide, where new flyers rejecting diversity are spreading like fire across different universities. “A lot of Muslim students are scared,” Abdalla Husain, 21, a linguistics major at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, who is of Palestinian …

Hijabi Muslims Share Anxiety After Trump Win

Muslim women donning hijab have taken to social media to echo nationwide fear and uncertainty after Donald Trump was declared the next president of the United States.

Trump Divides American Muslims

TEXAS – A sharply divisive presidential campaign is having its shadows reflected on the American Muslim community, meeting Donald Trump’s win with a mixture of emotions, with some reacting positively and others with great concern.

US Muslims Urge Trump to Respect Rights of All Americans

A leading American Muslim civil rights group issued a statement on Wednesday, November 9, calling on President-elect Donald Trump to respect the rights of all Americans and pledging to work with the new president to strengthen the nation.

Texas Muslims Fearful of Trump Presidency

HOUSTON – In the United States the news of Donald Trump’s win came early in the morning and the reactions followed swiftly on social media, many laden with a heavy dose of shock and dismay.

Trump Wins: America Needs God’s Blessings

At the time of writing, the silence is deafening, not a single head of state has called to congratulate him on his victory. Indeed his own fan base must wonder why he continued to say “..Ours was not a campaign, but an incredible and great movement made up of millions of hard working men and women… It is a movement comprised of Americans of all races, religions, backgrounds and beliefs.”

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