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What made Prophet Muhammad (SAW) the perfect leader?

Inspired by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Inspired by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

This folder gives an overview of some people, either Muslims or non-Muslims, who were inspired by the manners, teachings, and dealings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

39 Benefits of Sending Blessings upon Muhammad

Ibnul-Qayyim collects 39 benefits, in his amazing book Jalaa ul Afhaam, regarding invoking Allah to Bless Prophet Muhammad. All of the points are based on authentic evidence from the Quran and Sunnah.

The Prophet’s Mosque as a Rehabilitation Center
Prophet's mosque

Since its inception, the Prophet’s mosque in Madinah functioned as a community development center. It performed numerous religious, educational and socio-political roles and functions. It was a center for religious activities, a learning center, the seat of the Prophet’s government, welfare and charity center, a detention and rehabilitation center, a place for occasional medical treatment …

Celebrating Prophet’s Birthday: How to Deal With Scholars’ Differences
Celebrating Prophet's Birthday: How to Deal with Scholar's Differences

For many Muslims, it is time for celebrating Prophet’s birthday. Others don’t accept this practice altogether. Normally, when we are in agreement, it is easy for us to behave properly with each other.  However, when we are in disagreement, how do we respond? With the upcoming birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) …

Celebrate or Not Celebrate Mawlid? That’s NOT the Question
Celebrate or not Celebrate Mawlid

Should we celebrate or not celebrate Mawlid? Almost all of us are aware of the term Mawlid. Mawlid is the observance of the birthday Of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) which is commemorated in Rabi` al-awwal. This occasion causes a lot of debates among Muslims. Should we celebrate or not? But more importantly, …

How Much Should We Love the Prophet Muhammad?
How Much Should We Love the Prophet Muhammad?

The more one reads about his life and sees him in operation there among his contemporaries, when one looks at the nature of life at that time and sees how the Prophet Muhammad rose above the limitations of his time and how he showed himself to be a great…

What a Proper Relationship with the Prophet Entails
What a Proper Relationship with the Prophet Entails

he circle of ittiba` is wider than that of ita`ah (obedience). The latter covers obligatory and compulsory requirements whereas the former covers optional and supererogatory works. Obedience at times may be superficial and lacking sincerity whereas ittiba` can only be performed with love and devotion.

How Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Spoke of Other Prophets
How Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Spoke of Previous Prophets

A collection of sayings and stories from Prophet Muhammad’s life that show his love and appreciation of his fellow Prophets (peace be upon them all)

The Prophet’s Wives: Who Was the Most Beloved to Him?
The Prophet's Wives- Who is the Most Beloved Wife to Him?

Prophet Muhammad received some gifts from someone, which included a beautiful necklace. As the Prophet unraveled the gift, he announced that he would give the necklace to the person he loved most. Some of his wives began whispering that he would…

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