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Hajj Rites Made Easy

Hajj Rites Made Easy

If you are going to Hajj then this video is very important. Sheikh Ahsan Hanif talks through the Hajj rites in a simple way in this 6 steps animated presentation!

Going To Hajj Every Year
Going To Hajj Every Year

This is a beautiful story of an Egyptian man who has made Hajj every single year for the last 20 years in a row! He was interviewed and he said it is because of the blessings of Allah!

Why Don’t Women Have Standard Hajj Clothes?
Why Don't Women Have Standard Hajj Clothes

A questioner asks why don’t women have standard Hajj clothes like the men do? Find out with Dr. Shabir Ally.

Hajj. There is Nothing Left Between You & Allah

Nouman Ali Khan discusses how Hajj is one of the best moments for the believer.

Hajj – Full Documentary

This documentary regarding Hajj presented by Dr. Hamid Slimi. Have you ever wondered what exactly Hajj entails? Then wonder no more, this is a great documentary that explains Hajj in a very concise manner combining the testimonials of the spiritual experience and the rulings of Hajj. 

Why Do Pilgrimage?

Sheikh ‘Alaa answers why do Muslims go to Mecca in the hard, tough weather to make pilgrimage? This is a question many non-Muslims and some Muslims would like to understand more of. Hajj can be confusing. So why must Muslims do it? This video explains it all.

Sacred Calendar – The Hajj

Imam Shujahat Aslam discusses the Muslim practice of Hajj.

What is Hajj?

A simple explanation of what is Hajj.

Why Do Muslims Perform Hajj

A short video to explain why Muslims carry out Hajj.

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