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Do We Need Another Season of Hajj?

Do We Need Another Season of Hajj?

YES, we definitely need a Hajj season this year! By WE, I am referring to humanity; I am not talking about those who are going to Hajj, or even Muslims! The whole body of mankind is in need of this blessed gathering… You don’t believe me? Well let us take a look at the following …

Hajj & Unity – How to Bridge the Divide?

It is when we all come together, united regardless of all our differences because we have come here for Allah. We do not let anything create differences amongst us. We wear clothes that are simple, we take the journeys together… We let nothing divide us.

Hajj – A Celebration of Peace
Hajj: A Celebration of Peace

Hajj is performed because God has invited the believers to congregate together. Regardless of place of birth, nationality, ethnicity, gender, or status, all are welcome, and all are equal in the sight of God. The Muslims gather to meet one another…

How Hajj Promotes Peace and Unity
How Hajj Promotes Peace and Unity

To the righteous Muslim who has never gone for hajj, the aspiration to embark upon this once-in-a-lifetime journey manifests itself in their psyche as the ultimate “dream come true.” This journey involves repenting for all their past wrongdoings, becoming closer to Allah, turning over a completely new leaf, and resolving to acquire a higher level …

How to Maintain the Peace and Unity of Hajj?
How to Maintain the Peace and Unity of Hajj

Reflecting on the meaning of Hajj or pilgrimage, a Muslim realizes that this is about a long journey to the most sacred place, Makkah. Traveling to Hajj is more than just a physical journey, it is also a spiritual one. A pilgrim leaves home in one state of mind and over the course of their …

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