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US Nonprofit Encourages Muslim Political Activism

Falling in the middle of a heated political debate, an American non-profit group is encouraging American Muslims across the country to run for political office, to help potential Muslim candidates identify opportunities for civic engagement and then to empower them.

Muslim Athletes Suffer in Trump’s America

Winning gold medal in Rio for her country six months ago, Olympic hurdles runner Dalilah Muhammad has never expected that her name and faith would be targeted by the same country she calls home.

New York Muslims Host Conversation on Islamophobia

In a difficult time for Muslims in America, members of the Muslim community is Buffalo, New York, have hosted a conversation about Islamophobia in Buffalo Muslim Council, correcting misconceptions about their faith and reaching out to their neighbors.

Chelsea Clinton Attends ‘I Am a Muslim Too’ Rally

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former president Bill Clinton and Trump’s Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton attended a Muslim solidarity rally on Sunday, amid rising opposition to the controversial Muslim ban.

New York Marchers Say: ‘I Am a Muslim Too’

Hundreds of people will be joining hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons to the “I Am a Muslim Too” march through Times Square in New York City, in response to the uncertainty and anxiety that was created by President Donald Trump’s controversial Muslim ban.

WhyIslam Outreach Breaks Muslim Ban Ice

The curious gathered as quickly as the table was set up. The interested came to ask their questions even before the informational materials and brochures were spread. The volunteers from WhyIslam, sported bright yellow T-shirts adorned with the question “Is Life Just A Game?” across the front and with the invitation to “Meet A Muslim”, splayed across the back. What’s more, they certainly drew the attention of passersby during a recent outreach activity in a large and popular Houston, Texas, park.

9/11 Families Protest Trump’s “Deplorable” Muslim Ban

Dozens of family members and relatives of 9/11 victims gathered on Thursday, February 16, at “The Sphere” in Battery Park, New York, to protest President Trump’s executive order banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

High School Dons “I am Muslim” T-Shirts

Giving a lesson on unity, a Philadelphia high school basketball team wore warmup T-shirts to show solidarity with Muslims before their league championship game on Tuesday.

US Elite Universities Sue Trump’s Muslim Ban

In a major protest of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, 17 elite American universities have launched a legal challenge to the ban, seeing it threatens their ability to educate ‘tomorrow’s leaders from around the world’.

US Borders Force NASA Scientist to Unlock Phone

An American NASA engineer was detained for several hours by US Customs officers, who forced him to unlock his PIN-protected work phone before they would let him through at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Muslim Groups Reject Trump’s Federal Money

Four Muslim nonprofit groups have rejected Federal government’s millions granted to fight extremism, citing President Donald Trump’s unfair rhetoric targeting Islam and Muslims.

Muslims Pray In Brooklyn During the #BodegaStrike

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