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ICNA-MAS Annual Convention 2017


Under the theme, “Quest for True Success: Divine Messages of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad”, the annual ICNA-MAS convention started yesterday in Baltimore, MD.

This years theme, ‘Quest for True success: The Divine Message of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (pbuh)” reflects the true spirit of all Divine faiths — Quest for True Success! As mortal beings we are always in search for what will make us “truly” successful. It reflects the pursuit for common grounds that connects human beings with the bond of humanity and to their creator.

Javid Siddique, ICNA

The convention features more than 150 speakers, including prominent figures like Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Dr. Yasir Qadhi, Dr. Jasser Auda, Imam Omar Suleiman and more.

In addition to the main talks, the convention has several other social and entertainment activities.

Know more about the Convention’s program and events here.

For more videos and live streams, click here.

Thousands of Muslims Gather in Baltimore for ICNA Convention


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