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Ramadan Is Running Quickly… Don’t Miss Remaining Days

Unsatisfied with your performance in Ramadan so far? There is still hope; seize the remaining days of Ramadan.

Nothing is like the pain of realizing that most of Ramadan is over.

There are two checks on our heart when we hit this midway point.

First, are we actually sad? Is it the same sadness that we feel when, for example, our vacation is almost over?

Do we feel sad that something we love and look forward to is rushing past ?

The second is what disappointments do I have in my first two weeks of Ramadan that I will change in my second half of Ramadan?

Was I not making an effort to wake up even 5 minutes early for prayer and dua?

Was I more worried about what I was going to eat for iftar? Was it more important than what I was going to make dua for?

Seize the remaining days of Ramadan

The good news is we still have time left to start planting that seed of change in our hearts.

Br AbdelRahman Murphy gives hope saying all is not lost.

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