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Women of Paradise – Should They Wear Hijab?

You will look up in the sky and there will be lightening in the sky. So you will ask your angels:

“Oh angels! What is this lightning in the sky?”

So the angels will say:

“Don’t you know?”

“No I don’t. What is it?”

“They are your wives in Paradise that are smiling. As they smile, it causes lightning in the sky.”

This is reported in an authentic hadith in Musnad Ahmad.

Ibn-ul-Qayyim also talks about the Hoor al Ayn and the women of Paradise. He talks about the Hoor al Ayn and he says:

“If the hoor ‘Al-Tin’ (meaning the women of this world) can be made so beautiful from clay, imagine the essence of the Hoor al Ayn when their essence is Saffron, they’re made of saffron, they’re not made from dirt.

And if women can be beautiful made from dirt, imagine the essence of the women when they are made from saffron.”

Ibn-ul-Qayyim mentions how you can see the nerves in their legs because it’s so amazing. He talks about their body, he talks about their beauty, he talks about their music, he talks about them singing to their husbands, he talks about how beautiful they are and how amazing they are and the fragrance that they have.

He talks about the energy Allah will give you to sleep with your wives, he talks about how there is no sleep in Jannah at all.

He talks about how there is no beard in Jannah. He talks about how women will have no hijab in Jannah. So hijab is only for you in this world.

In the authentic narration, Aisha had a group of women, who were passing by, who had beautified themselves excessively. When she passed by them she looked at them and said:

“Enjoy it in this world! For it is for you in this world, for us in the hereafter.”

Look at the conviction of a righteous woman! So for those sisters who are worry of them having to cover in this world, then reserve yourself in this dunya for you is beautiful existence in the hereafter.

So when a husband has his wives from the Hoor al-Ayn, Ibn-ul-Qayyim mentions in the authentic hadith in Musnad Imam Ahmad, that at that point another woman will come. A woman will come whose beauty and her amazingness will make the king i.e. the man forget the other girls.

Who is this woman?

This woman is his wife in this world. So his wife in this world will be the princess of the Hoor al-Ayn.

Ibn-ul-Qayyim says:

“Does the king ever think about his servants in the presence of the presence? He doesn’t. so his wife in this world will be given far more beauty.”

Then he explains why.

He says: “The Hoor al-Ayn never ever went through difficulties the women of this world went through.

They never ever struggled in the cause of Allah, they never had a slander against them because of wearing hijab, they never went through the difficulty of being obedient to their husbands… so why should they not be more beautiful than the Hoor al-Ayn?”

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