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A True Story of a Father and His Son

There was a young man who came to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) complaining about his father saying:

“O messenger of Allah, my father takes my money, he always asks me for money.”

The Prophet said: “Well call your father.”

He went to call his father. Angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) came to the Prophet in that time and said to him:

“O messenger of Allah, when the father comes to you ask him, “what were you saying in secret on your way here?”

The father was muttering something which his son couldn’t hear.

So when the father approached, the Prophet asked him:

“Is it true what your son is saying?”

The father said:

“O messenger of Allah, if you only knew what I’m using his money for… anyway, I’m using it to look after his poor aunt. She’s left without anybody. Where else am I putting it? Only in place I have to. Using it towards his family.”

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“Look! I want to ask you a question. Tell me about what you were saying in secret when you were coming towards me here.”

The father looked at the Prophet (peace be upon him) and said:

“I made some verses of poetry.”

The Prophet said:

“Please say them to me.”

He said:

O son

I nourished you when you were a baby

And I looked after you in care as you grew up until you became an adolescent

You lived upon what I worked for and strove

And you sacrificed in my body and time and wealth

So that you may live healthy

Whenever a night passed you

When you were sick or ill or coughed

I was the first to be up

Carrying you and looking upon you with my heart

Afraid if an atom or a little breeze would harm you in anyway

I couldn’t sleep whilst seeing you sick

Until you slept and then I slept

And so my eyes would always overwhelm with tears

But you never knew

And when you finally reached the adulthood

Which all my life I was anticipating

And looking forward to seeing you become that.

(I mean this is all he’s doing, right? He’s raising him, waiting for the day he’s going to get married. The day when he will get his qualifications, when he will get his skills, when he can stand on his feet, and the day when will rejoice.)

Until you reached the day when I have all my life anticipated in my heart to see you reach and rejoice

You gave me reward

And your reward was harshness!

And frowning and mistreatment

As if I’m the one who owes you

And you owe me nothing

The way you treated me is like what a neighbor would treat his neighbor

I wish that you even gave me that.

Prophet Muhammad looked up at the father and the father looked at him. The Prophet’s beard was soaked with tears. From his emotion, the Prophet grabbed the boy from his chest, shook him and said:

You and everything you own belongs to your father.

This hadith is narrated by Ibn Majah.

Today, we see children taking their own parents to court because they took their house or property. Allahu Akbar.

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