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Insights into Lives of British Muslims (Special)

Compassionate, Patriotic & Successful

Insights into Lives of British Muslims (Special)

LONDON – As world media puts British Muslims in the middle of rigorous and fiery debate over the latest London attack, British Muslims rushed to raise funds to the families of the victims, sharing prayers and hopes for the safety of their country.

This mini-folder offers a rare glimpse into the lives of British Muslims as compassionate, patriotic and successful members and contributors to the welfare of the British community.



A British Muslim opened the doors of his restaurant for hours to feed hundreds of emergency workers and police officers for free in the aftermath of Wednesday’s terror attack.

Hundreds of Muslims throughout the UK carried out community activities, from litter picking to visiting hospitals and making food packages, to mark Sadaqa Day.

A crowdfunding campaign started by a Muslim man who witnessed the Westminster attack has raised more than £20,000 in just a day for victims of the atrocity and their families.

While hate mongers rushed to the internet to immediately blame Muslims for the attack, Muslims in Britain and worldwide rushed to raise funds for the victims’ families, pray for them and condemn all attacks.

A year to the date after the Brussels bombing, London suffered an act of terrorism, as an assailant drove onto a pavement attacking pedestrians, then made his way into parliament where he murdered a police officer before being shot dead.

A Muslim mother-of-four whose veil was ripped off by a convicted racist has pleaded for her attacker’s freedom after she discovered he had cancer.

The mayor of Lewisham, east London, volunteered with a local Muslim charity earlier this month, providing hot meals to the city’s homeless people.

Muslim worshippers in various Preston mosques presented a generous £61,500 donation to the Rosemere Cancer Foundation on Wednesday, a donation that will make it easier to diagnose and treat cancer patients.

A leading British Muslim charity has embarked on its annual charitable giving drive, hosting a series of events to keep the needy and homeless warm, in a season them see as an important time for doing good, giving gifts and being with those you love.

British Muslim worshippers attending East London mosque have donated ten tons of food to local homeless people, in partnership with a British Muslim charity.


A photo showing a non-Muslim young lady reading a translated copy of the Qur’an, the Muslims’ holy book, has been widely shared on social media websites, praising her for daring criticism to support the religious minority against Islamophobia.

Supported by civic multi-faith religious leaders, hundreds of British Muslims turned out in Victoria Square in a peace rally to reject the Westminster attack as anti-Islamic.

Over 100,000 people marched through London, seeking to have their voices heard. Anger has spread across much of the nation as we near Prime Minister May’s official notification that Britain will leave the EU.

Donning blue to symbolize peace, Muslim women linked arms in a human chain along Westminster Bridge on Sunday, March 26, to show solidarity with the victims of Wednesday’s terror attack.

A Muslim shopkeeper rescued an elderly 87-year-old regular customer after she did not show up to pick her daily paper.

Held at Amnesty International’s Human Right’s Action Center in London, it is unsurprising that the theme of the British Islam conference focused on addressing and overcoming the perception of them vs us.

A world renowned Pastor is challenging traditional church thinking on a variety of issues, including the benefits of certain Islamic ethics.

Didsbury Mosque, Manchester, was one of the faith venues in the North West of England to open its doors to the wider community at the weekend for the annual Visit My Mosque day.

LONDON – Over 150 mosques across Britain opened their doors on Sunday, February 5, to mark the third annual Visit My Mosque Day, welcoming hundreds of visitors in one of the largest attended open mosque days in the world.

Aiming at fostering a better understanding of religion, more than 150 mosques around the UK will open their doors to non-Muslim visitors this weekend to offer people a better understanding of Islam and the chance to ask questions about the faith.

Recently featured in the BBC documentary ‘Muslims Like Us,’ Nabil Abdulrashid, an award winning comedian, is also a loud voice in the ongoing storm over a BBC2 sketch called ‘Real Housewives of ISIS.’

A group of British Muslims paid a special visit to the government headquarters in 10 Downing Street on Saturday, December 17, to promote peace and dispel stereotypes about Islam.


Achieving a new world record, a genius young Muslim teen has become the youngest ever employee at the university of Leicester, shortly after been enrolled in the prestigious educational facility.

A highly successful London-based fashion house has entered into a new global partnership with a modest fashion brand, catering to a huge Muslim community in the UK.

Both Muslim girls’ and boys’ schools in Blackburn, Lancashire, run by the Tauheedul Education Trust, beat off competition from London grammars to top the annual school performance tables coming first.

In his final indoor race of his career, the British Muslim Sir Mo Farah has set a European record in the 5000-meter race at the Birmingham Grand Prix.

Mo Farah, the four-time British Muslim Olympic champion, is to be knighted in a New Year honors list, that includes more than 100 of his fellow Olympic and Paralympic medalists.

A Muslim woman who became a coach in men’s football has made it to Queen’s New Year’s Honors list, posing a role model for Muslim women in the UK and abroad.

At a time of increasing scrutiny of the faith around the world, Hussain Manawer has become a public face of British Muslims after becoming UK’s first Muslim astronaut.

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