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2017 Harvest: AboutIslam Top 10 Articles

2017 Harvest: AboutIslam Top 10 Articles

WASHINGTON – After a year full of developments on various levels from religion to politics, curtains have now drawn over 2017, welcoming the new year, 2018.

During 2017, many contents stole the spotlight and gripped the attention of our readers.

Now as we look back at 2017, it is our pleasure to share with you the top 10 articles of the year:

I Planned to Destroy Islam, I Became Muslim

I Planned to Destroy Islam, I Became Muslim

“When I took the shahadah, I felt the strangest sensation. I felt as if a huge, physical weight had just been lifted off my chest; I gasped for breath as if I were breathing for the first time in my life.”

How to Make Him Marry Me?

How to Make Him Marry Me?

The best remedy for a Muslim man or woman who loves someone is for the two to get married to each other. Ibn Abbas narrated that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “There is nothing like marriage for two who love one another.” (Ibn Majah)

Noah’s Ark Found Exactly Where The Qur’an States

Both the Bible and the Qur’an give a description of where Noah’s Ark will be found. The Qur’an specifically said it was rested on Mount Judi and that is where it has been found. These facts are amazing!

Amazing Sign Of Pharaoh From The Quran

Sheikh Yousuf Estes talks about one of the most recent discoveries of our time, which was Pharaoh being discovered in the Red Sea. He was perfectly preserved with all internal organs intact and no fish had eaten him at all for over 3000 years. Discover more in this video.

Valid Reasons for Divorce in Islam

A man must not divorce his wife to bring harm upon her, as this constitutes an act that demolishes this noble establishment, breaks the woman’s heart and possibly separates the woman from her children without any reason. Thus, the separation between a man and his wife [without just reason] was considered one of the major and grave sins, and one of the most beloved actions of Satan, as was narrated in a number of hadiths. It is also forbidden for a woman to ask for a divorce without a sensible reason.

Cherish Your Wife the Prophet’s Way (10+ Hadiths)

Cherish Your Wife the Prophet's Way (10+ Hadiths)

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is the role model for every Muslim in all aspects of life. When you read about the Prophet’s treatment of his wives, you will be amazed by the great level of care, gentleness, love, and compassion he showed them.

Wanted to Blow up Mosque, Now Spreads Islam

Wanted to Blow up Mosque, Now Spreads Islam

Richard “Mac” McKinney, the Ball State senior and retired Marine sergeant, is the president of the Islamic Center of Muncie, Indiana, and he’s making efforts to “educate and inform” people about the true Islam. This was not the case eight years ago. At that time, young McKinney says he used to hate Islam so much that he wanted to blow up a local mosque.

Bishop Converts to Islam, Turns Church to Mosque

A Kenyan bishop has converted to Islam and turned his church into a mosque, saying that he could not stand how
women wore indecently to his church.

13 Things You Should Know Before the Wedding Night

First-time sex is still a big taboo topic among Muslims, even in the West. We cannot talk, or raise questions, or – God forbid – even think of it because sex is considered something filthy and evil.

I Discovered My Wife Was Not a Virgin

I Discovered My Wife Was Not a Virgin

I Discovered My Wife Was Not a Virgin Have you thought about giving her another chance? Every mistake or every wrong step does not mean another marriage or divorce. Humans are not perfect. Have you tried talking to her? Her act of being involved with other men even after marriage is inappropriate, and she must be punished.

Debunking the Belly Button Oil Myth

One of the key characteristics of the Islamic faith is living according to evidence sought from the Qur’an and Sunnah. However, that isn’t our only source of evidence.

Exotic Herbs in Prophetic Hadith

Many herbs have been used historically as “cure-alls” or potent “tonic herbs.” Among these herbs are the black seed, fenugreek and aloe vera, three of the Prophet’s (SAW) favorite herbs.

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