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Muslims Feed JFK Airport Protesters

Muslims Feed JFK Airport Protesters

NEW YORK – American Muslims offered a special treat of pies and pizzas to protesters gathering at JFK airport Saturday night to protest against Donald Trump’s immigration ban, which targeted refugees and holders of visas and green cards from seven Muslim-majority countries.

“They can’t say anything to me, I’m just a girl with a flower scarf,” Fatimah, 18-year-old Hofstra sophomore, told The Daily Beast on Sunday, January 29.

“I’m Muslim, but I’m just as much an American as any.”

Pizza boxes in airport protest were spotted on Saturday night.

“Somebody handed it to me,” one woman handing out slices told The Daily Beast.

“The delivery guy wanted a photo,” said another.

“It just appeared,” said a third.

The protest came after President Trump signed an executive order that temporarily bans entry to refugees and citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and Syria.

The order left many people stranded at major airports around the country, while others overseas were barred from boarding US-bound flights.

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The idea of feeding protesters came to Fatimah’s mind after she saw protests against Donald Trump’s immigration ban.

After influencing her dad, Kariam, and her younger sister Zainab, they decided to order 30 pizzas for the people defending Muslims at JFK.

They also loaded their car with some Qur’ans from the Islamic Center of Long Island in Valley Stream to hand out, and headed on over.

“We said, hey, we should come out here, and everyone here is going to need some food,” Fatimah said.

On their way to the JFK airport, the family contacted their friends at other nearby Islamic centers.

The others ordered more pizzas, between 60 and 90 extra pies, they estimated.

The family, who supported Bernie Sanders, then Hillary Clinton, does not protest much.

According to the father, Kariam, his first protest was when Trump came to Long Island.

“I’m not really a protest guy,” he said.

“But unfortunately the situation has made me a protest kind of guy.”

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