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Palestinian Muslims, Christians Unite Against Trump

Palestinian Muslims, Christians Unite Against Trump

AL-QUDS – US President Donald Trump’s controversial decision to move the US embassy to Al-Quds (Occupied Jerusalem) has united Palestinian Muslims and Christians in their struggle against occupation and political divisions.

“We are united – Christians, Muslims, we are one,” Fredrick Hazo said after leaving Sunday mass, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

Standing in an alley in the heart of Al-Quds’ Old City, surrounded by shops selling religious trinkets, the 59-year-old Palestinian musician accused Trump of “dragging all the world into trouble”, and called on the US leader to reverse his decision.

Though frustrated by politics, he was confident the balance the three faiths kept in the holy city would prevail.

“In this sacred place, God is protecting us all. We are guarded by his angels in Jerusalem,” Hazo added.

Back in July, Hazo, a Christian, protested alongside Muslims against Israel’s installation of security scanners at the nearby al-Aqsa mosque, Islam’s third holiest site, after two Arab-Israeli gunmen shot dead two Israeli police officers at the site.

Palestinian supermarket cashier Mohammed al-Hawa also criticized Trump’s decision, saying it ignored the reality on the ground.

“Christians, Jews, and Muslims live in this city together. There is no problem between them. Only the politics. The governments want to make wars,” Al-Hawa, 33, said.

“This is my city – my blood, my life,” added a 70-year-old Palestinian, walking through the pilgrim-packed courtyard of Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

“I can go to the church, to anywhere in Jerusalem, not Trump nor Netanyahu can stop me,” added the man who identified himself only as a “Jerusalemite.”

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