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Elderly Christian Man Teaches Qur’an to Neighbors’ Kids

CAIRO – An 80-year-old elderly Christian man in Egypt’s southern governorate of Minya is taking interfaith relations to a new level, using his spare time to teach his neighbors’ children the Muslims’ holy book of Qur’an.

The story came to public after Now This page on Facebook shared a video on Tuesday, December 20, showing the elderly man with young children.

The video shows him holding the Qur’an, while the kids repeat what he says.

The video went viral a few hours after publishing it, garnering more than 891,000 views, 32,000 likes and more than 11,000 shares.

Comments also were very positive, with one saying, “I am a Muslim, and I have to say this guy is an inspiration. For him to do this he has a huge heart and people like him make the world a better place, whether you believe in God or are a different religion. A true hero.”

Other comments came from non-Muslims who confirmed that all faiths share the same values.

“Everyone has the right to practice and learn any religion they believe in! As far as I know the Koran and Torah share almost everything similar, the only problem is how people understand them! Different people misuse religion to fit their agenda! But to me, I believe that God created me and you,” one wrote.


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