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UK Muslim Fights for Life after Acid Attack

UK Muslim Fights for Life after Acid Attack

LONDON – A British Muslim fast-food deliveryman is fighting for his life after an acid attack on Thursday left him blinded in both eyes.

According to the Independent, two people on a scooter approached Muhammed Nawshad Kamal, 32, as he was working in the Walthamstow area of east London on Thursday evening.

The attackers, one of whom was arrested later, tried to steal his bike, and threw acid in his face “repeatedly”.

“This attack has left a man fighting for his life and with terrible eye injuries,” a senior police official said.

“This was an innocent man going about his work as a delivery driver, who may never see again.”

In July, Muslim model Resham Khan and her cousin, Jameel Mukhtar, suffered an acid attack on the model’s 21st birthday, disfiguring both of them and leaving Jameel Mukhtar paralysed for life. The acid was thrown at them through a car window in London.

Six people were injured on September 23 — though their injuries were “not life-threatening or life-changing” — after a group of males reportedly sprayed a noxious substance in a number of attacks in an area around a shopping center in east London, police said.

Earlier this year, at least three people received minor injuries in the wake of a suspected acid attack on revellers at Notting Hill Carnival in London in late August.


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